Was The Final Cut Of Fantastic Four The Films Downfall


Was The Final Cut Of Fantastic Four The Films Downfall???

If you saw The Fantastic Four reboot, then you noticed that the films Biggest Moments made the cutting room floor and NOT the big screen, but Was The Final Cut Of Fantastic Four The Films Downfall?

In the first trailer all the scenes were in the film:

Then the studio released the second version of the Fantastic Four reboot, with more action, but what is seen in this trailer is NOT what made the final cut.

CelebNMusic247.com made their way to see the film, but what we saw was NOTHING like the trailer displayed. We have to admit the trailer makes the film look amazing, but instead the final cut was an absolute dud.



Over the weekend, Fantastic Four had a rather tumultuous production period. Word varies over whether the fault lies with director Josh Trank or 20th Century Fox, but what’s ultimately clear is that the finished production isn’t necessarily what anyone set out to make, via Collider.

Take a look at what was NOT in the movie:

See, The Fantastic Four underwent extensive re-shoots took place in order to alter the film after they wrapped principal photography, and while re-shoots are a common occurrence on any big budget blockbuster, the sheer amount of new scenes in Fantastic Four is pretty staggering. And you don’t have to trust someone’s word as to which scenes are new; Kate Mara’s highly noticeable wig acts as a signpost pointing viewers to scenes or sequences that were shot after the fact, including a great deal of the third act.

This morning, some behind-the-scenes video from Fox surfaced that revealed some significant scenes and plot points that aren’t in the movie—including the Fantasticar—but when I left the theater after seeing the film, I kept thinking back to the trailers and promotional materials. There seemed to be quite a few scenes and shots that were teased as part of the marketing that never made it into the final cut.

While it’s not uncommon for deleted scenes to appear in trailers and such, Fantastic Four is a unique case because A. So much has been made about what was and wasn’t changed in the edit, and B. The impact of the scenes appearing in trailers that don’t show up in the film is significant.

The only two characters we get any type of a back story on is Reed and Ben. Johnny and Sue Storm back story is basically none existent in the film, which was much-needed. It’s possible more time spent with them before the accident—especially with Johnny, Sue and the love triangle between Reed and Victor would have given them the emotional payoff the film is clearly lacking.

As for the third act, which falls flat when Doom resurfaces should have had more rage. Doom’s costume was elaborate, but the film seemed to kick into overdrive and wrap up real quickly. The final act and faceoff between the Fantastic Four and Doom was a dud. There was no intrigue, no suspense and it felt like the director had NOT done the much-needed research for the film. It was like watching Queen of the Dammed all over again. You sit there asking yourself, “what was the director thinking?” And “why did Marvel approve this film for release in the terrible mess it was in?”

Our question is what happened to the big scene with The Thing jumping from the plane? Why did it get cut and did the re-shoot ruin the film or was it the directors choice and the editing?

Will we ever get to see this footage in an actual cut of the film, or as deleted scenes? It sounds unlikely. For now, they’ll have to live as brief glimpses in the three official trailers that were released:

What do you think of the scenes that didn’t make the final cut?

Do you think that is the reason the movie bites the dust?

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