Dr. Miami Says Penis Enlargement Surgery Exists; Drake on Blast

Dr. Miami Confirms Penis Enlargement Surgery Exists; Drake on Blast

Dr. Miami Says Penis Enlargement Surgery Exists; Drake on Blast!

Rumors are swirling that rapper Drake may or may have not had his manhood enlarged….

CelebnMusic247.com is hearing that Drake got his manhood enlarged allegedly by Dr. Miami, but this wouldn’t be the first time the OVO rapper got plastic surgery.

Let’s not forget that he got lypo years ago while working on his body. Then he posted a series of sexy shirtless photos while giving the impression that he lost weight and got fit. It’s the same thing Perez Hilton did, minus the muscle implants.

Anyways, this is all speculation when it comes to getting a penis enlargement. And let us not forget that most men in the world if given the chance would jump on it and get their penis enlarged. All men wish they were secretly gifted unless they are already packing a solid 9×6 the aka perfect size.

Going back to the Rumor Mill and the word that Aubrey got his manhood bigger is still all alleged. MTO tried to put out a report, but the video is bogus, the report is bogus, and lets not forget that it came from the bogus rumor making site MTO.

Moving on Hollywood Unlocked is also reporting that Drake got his manhood enhanced after Dr. Miami confirmed that the surgery does indeed exist.

We already know that a man could get another penis attached, replacing his original one, but it is very risky because the body has to accept the surgery.

Back in 2019, the New York Times reported, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as Dr. Miami, a plastic surgeon who regularly broadcasts his procedures on the social media platform.

He’s performed untold nose jobs, breast augmentations, full-body transformations, and even labiaplasties on social media with his patients’ permission.

The surgeon has caused his share of controversy over the years. He’s written a children’s book about plastic surgery and gotten in trouble with the Anti-Defamation League for commissioning a music video called “Jewcan Sam, a Nose Job Love Song.”

In 2019, Salzhauer confirmed that penis enlargement surgery exist after he performed his first penis enlargement, in his Bay Harbor Islands office. He hyped up his social media audience for weeks prior to the procedure and documented the surgery on his Snapchat story. At that time Snapchat, Twitter and other social sites deleted his account.

Now, it seems that the internet is resurfacing the news, by using Drake as the catalyst of attention.

Dr. Miami Confirms Penis Enlargement Surgery Exists; Drake on Blast

Photo courtesy of Instagram/50 Cent

50 Cent was also RUMORED to have a penis enlargement surgery, but he SUED the Miami Dr. and TheShadeRoom:

In 2022, news surfaced that rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson III got his penis enlarged. Shortly after it was done, photos of his penis enhancement was all over the internet, so he filed a lawsuit.

The Independant reported, 50 Cent is suing a Miami doctor over allegations that she used a photo of the rapper to wrongly suggest he had penile enhancement surgery in order to promote her plastic surgery clinic.

On Friday (16 September), attorneys for the rapper – real name Curtis James Jackson III – filed a lawsuit claiming that Jackson had “graciously agreed” to take photos with Angela Kogan, only to find out later that the “unscrupulous business owner” had used the picture repeatedly to promote her practice, Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa.

As for 50, he also went after TheShadeRoom by mediation, another bogus news site that spreads lie after lie about artists, and celebrities on the regular. And they got their start on riding our coattails in the beginning, but thanks to a hefty advertising budget they became a must read site like MTO…

Anyways, 50 went after TheShadeRoom with a lawsuit that setteled out of court for spreading lies and exasderbating about his alleged penis enlargement. We love Curtis for doing that.

True or NOT, if Drake got his penis enlarged, so what, good for him. And same goes for 50 Cent. If you are a man in the USA, you know you want that surgery too, don’t deny it haters.