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Joseline Hernandez Love Hip Hop Atlanta 5

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 Cast Reveal

With VH1’s Love and Hip Hop 6 counting down to the reunion, LHHATL will be back and we have who made the cut on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 Cast Reveal!!!

There are a few changes to the line up for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 so wait until you see who made the cut on the flip…

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Karlie Redd is How Old


Karlie Redd is How Old???

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast comes for Karlie behind the scenes before the show about Karlie’s age, but wait until you hear her age. You might say Karlie Redd is How Old?

From Yung Joc to her girls, Rasheeda, Erica Dixon, Mimi Faust, Bambi and Deb Antney – they all try to reveal Karlie Redd’s age, but Karlie has the last word, so take that Joc!


What do you think of Karlie Redd’s age? Do you believe her? We don’t, but her Wikipedia page reads that she was born April 15, 1978.


If you remember, for LHHATL cast mate, K Michelle revealed that Karlie was 40. Watch things got ugly between Karlie and K.Michelle, in the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, digs were always made about her age. K.Michelle said Karlie was a “40-year-old ’aspiring’ singer without a Wikipedia page.”

You might remember this moment from season 1 when K blew Redd’s age out of the water:

Let us take it a step further, In 2010 Karlie claimed to be 29, which doesn’t add up if she started LHHATL in 2011 saying that she was 33 years old.

See, Karlie was on another VH1 show Scream Queens back in the summer of 2010. The competition show featured aspiring actresses vying for a spot in Saw 3D. Karlie then Lewis said she was 29 years old at the time which would make her at least 34 now.

Here is the photo:


If you do your math from what K Michelle revealed on season one of LHHATL, that would make Karlie Redd 44 years old. Basically, she is around the age of the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta.


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Meet Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine

Meet Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine-0819-1

Meet Karlie Redd’s daughter Jasmine!!!

After four season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we finally get to Meet Karlie Redd’s daughter Jasmine, who looks just like her mama!

Karlie is super-excited to see her daughter but Karlie puts on her mother hat to tell her how important it is to finish school instead of jumping right into her career.

That is When Jasmine says that Karlie jumped right into her hustle, Karlie claps back, saying it was because she had her and she eventually graduated. Before the pair say goodbye, Karlie gushes about her new man, Lyfe Jennings.


Then Karlie drops the bomb that she wants another baby.

We wonder if Lyfe is ready for all that?

Anyways, check out the scene with Karlie and her daughter Jasmine:

Don’t forget to watch the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season four reunion Monday at 9/8c!


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