Meet Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine

Meet Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine-0819-1

Meet Karlie Redd’s daughter Jasmine!!!

After four season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we finally get to Meet Karlie Redd’s daughter Jasmine, who looks just like her mama!

Karlie is super-excited to see her daughter but Karlie puts on her mother hat to tell her how important it is to finish school instead of jumping right into her career.

That is When Jasmine says that Karlie jumped right into her hustle, Karlie claps back, saying it was because she had her and she eventually graduated. Before the pair say goodbye, Karlie gushes about her new man, Lyfe Jennings.


Then Karlie drops the bomb that she wants another baby.

We wonder if Lyfe is ready for all that?

Anyways, check out the scene with Karlie and her daughter Jasmine:

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