Tiffany Haddish NOT Into Men With A Big Package

Tiffany Haddish NOT Into Hung Men

Tiffany Haddish NOT Into Men With A Big Package!

The Girls Trip and Like A Boss star knows what she wants and how she wants it when it comes to men.

Basically, Tiffany Haddish is NOT like her character in Girls Trip who is all about Grape fruiting a man with an Anaconda. Oh no, she likes her man to be on the average side of the spectrum. Read on since Tiffany Haddish explains that she is NOT into a man with a big package… reports that when it comes to men with a big package, Tiffany Haddish said, she’s just not into them.

Now, you would think that Tiffany may like her men large and in charge, but the comedian and movie star revealed to her gal pal Jada Pinkett Smith some interesting tea.

Haddish sat down with Jada during another Red Table Talk weighing in on the men that she’s dated and their penis size.

The comic let the world know how she is NOT into well endowed men:

I prefer small penises because I feel like small ones respect you. They’re kind. They buy you nice gifts. They take you nice places. They’ll come and clean your house; fix your cars for you. Small penises are penises of service.

She concluded by saying:

Big penises just do whatever they want to do.

True that. The bigger the penis size the bigger the ego and the more the man thinks he’s got a gift that he needs to share with lots of women.

Big d**k men need to learn to keep it in their pants and share it with that right one. No one wants to date a man like Future with 9 baby mamas and 9 babies. Sad.

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