Keyshia Cole’s Brother Lashed Out At O.T. Genasis

Keyshia Cole's Brother Lashed Out At O.T. Genasis

Keyshia Cole’s Brother Lashed Out At O.T. Genasis!

When it comes to brother’s and sisters like Keyshia Cole and her bro, Sean, he’s got her back. So anyone that comes at her best watch out. That is why Sean has lashed out at rapper O.T. Genasis for bullying her online, calling him a “b*tch.” Read on for more on Keyshia Cole’s Brother and O.T. Genasis… has learned over the weekend, Keyshia Cole’s brother called out O.T. Genasis for coming at his sister incorrect.

In fact, what we are hearing is that Keyshia Cole didn’t ask for back up, but then Sean stepped in and O.T. bowed down.

Sean said he did not realize that the beef between the two was real, but applauded her for not calling him for backup after Genasis claimed that her vaginal area smelled like “fish sticks.”

I’m really sitting back laughing with the n*gga like, ‘Oh sh*t he made her come off her little high horse,'” he said. “I’m thinkin’ he’s joking with her. I didn’t realize the n*gga was a whole ass b*tch and was really emotional. But still, I wasn’t made. Like I said, my sister is a big dawg. She picks her fight and doesn’t call saying, ‘Get ’em lil bro.’

Genasis did apologize, but after Keyshia’s sister, Neffi, stepped up her to defend her — he then went hard at Neffi and even brought their mother, Frankie, into the mix.

O.T. Genasis needs to get some class and learn respect.

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