Lil Scrappy’s Cellphone Texts Revealed

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Lil Scrappy’s Mystery Cellphone Texts Revealed

Erica Dixon’s Wrong About Scrappy Cellphone Texts

Erica made a big stink on tonight’s episode when she claimed that Scrappy’s cellphone was non-stop vibrating. Erica said on the show that she decided to look at Scrappy’s phone and see who was texting Scrappy. After her shocking discovery Erica revealed that she wanted to take a break.

Erica admits to Scrappy that she saw some suspicious messages and texts in his phone. Dixon, who shares a 3 year old daughter with the Southern rapper says she’s been hurt by Scrappy and can no longer trust him and that she’s taken this road with him one too many times and she’s DONE!

Check it:

And it appears that Momma Dee has officially welcomed Shay into “the palace” as Momma Dee held a charity event at “XS Ultra Lounge” in Atlanta, Georgia called “Stomp the Runway,” where Shay was crowded “Princess of the South.”

And to add more fuel to the already burning fire between Erica and Scrappy comes from an eyewitnesses who went to the event revealed to Hip Hop Gossip Site.

The eye witness explains:

“According to some witnesses who attended Friday’s crowning stated that Shay hardly ever left Scrappy’s side and was indeed crowned the “Princess of The South.”

Apparently there is no word yet on how Erica Dixon is feeling about all of this.

“but word on the internet curb is that she’s “allegedly” been giving Scrappy a hard time about seeing their daughter. I have no idea if that last part is true or not, but that’s what the streets of Atlanta are reporting to me.”

And to top things off, the text messages that Erica supposedly saw in Lil Scrappy’s phone was apparently between Scrappy and Rasheeda.

Yes we said Kirk Frost’s wife, you know the one that revealed that she pregnant on the end of the episode last night. Plus there is a rumor that Scrappy is allegedly the cause of her pregnancy?

Honestly we are not sure, nor do we actually think that Scrappy is the father of Rasheeda’s unborn baby, but we have yet to hear from any of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta celebrity camps.

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