DJ Traci Steele Talks Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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(CelebNMusic247-News) DJ Traci Steele Talks Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tonight on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta the show touched on DJ Tracey Steele and her ongoing battle with her ex boyfriend.

Tracey is obviously still in love with DJ Baby Drew who split after she found out he was cheating on her seven years ago. While Tracey and Baby Drew story line will continue next week we move on to Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy who have once again come to another crossroad in their relationship.

Well her ex-baby daddy has go on record talking about his estranged relationship with DJ Tracy Steele. While Tracey and Baby Drew are the newest members of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, its become apparent that they are apparently fighting for screen time.

This season Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is mainly focusing on two major storylines this season  – the Stevie J/Joseline/Mimi love triangle and the Lil Scrappy/Shay/Mama Dee/Erica love quadrangle.

So the only time you see K Michelle is on the sidelines or fighting and Rasheeda and Kirk are sqeezed in with Scrappy and Benzino. And last but Not least is Karlie Redd who is on the coat tails of Steve and Joseline.

So where does Hot 107.9 DJ Traci Steele and her baby’s daddy DJ Babey Drew, aka Chris Brown DJ’s fit in?

Here’s the drop according to Steele and Drew:

The 2 year deep weekend DJ for Hot 107.9, Steele explains:

“Being part of the show wasn’t the hard part.”

 “Revealing our lives is the hard part.”

So why the step into reality for Tracey and Baby Drew?’

She felt the benefits outweighed the negatives of being on a reality show and signed on. She said they both figured the exposure would help them get more work and expand their respective brands. “This show is going to catapult me as a DJ,” she said.

She is also aware the TV viewer will see just a small percentage of her life and judge her on what the editors reveal. But she’s ready for the critiques. “I have a tough skin,” she said.

Steele and Drew are co-parenting a six-year-old son together and are on amicable terms. “We’re trying to balance that family dynamic,” she said. During her introduction in episode two last week, she did show annoyance that Drew plays around and worries about that impact on their child.

She explains:

“The more you watch…the crazier our life looks.” She said talking about her issues “is like therapy. He and I will discuss things we’ve never talked about before and we’ve known each other for 10 years. It’s eye opening.”

The Bronx born native Steele is aware that there are some big storylines on the show from some big characters.

“I don’t have to be the star…I just want to show our new normal life. A lot of families are not together but try their best to raise their children.”

She’s been a DJ in a male-dominated profession for 12 years.

“You have to show your skills more. You’re not as respected as much as your male counterparts. You have to work twice as hard as a female DJ.”

Steele entered the show only knowing Rasheeda in passing:

“I didn’t know anybody else,” she said, though she followed the show closely season one. “I watched it religiously.”

 “It’s like a soap opera. Full of drama! It kept you on your toes.”

She absolutely loved the Stevie J/Joseline/Mimi storyline. She said she acted like a fan when she first met them.

“I’m not judging what they’re doing. I’m going to let them live. But I wouldn’t want to walk in Mimi’s shoes. Some of those situations with Joseline would p*** me off.”

“It’s entertainment.”

 “As a viewer, it’s up to you to make decisions what to watch or don’t watch. If you feel it’s not appropriate, turn it off. You can’t just say the show shouldn’t be on. There are people who want to watch it.”


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