Shay Gives Erica Dixon Her News



(CelebNMusic247-News)  Shay Gives Erica Dixon Her News

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been buzzing since the start with Joesline, MiMi and Stevie J, but things are heating up with Shay, Erica and Scrappy as well!

This season, so far, Scrappy and Erica Dixon has hit rocks and on Monday Erica told Lil Scrappy she’s hitting the breaks! It sounds like and looks like Shay is basically telling Erica to kiss her ___! (see photo above)

And remember Momma Dee said change is coming, but will Lil Scrappy dump his baby mama for his best friend and girl, Shay?

Well if you’ve been checking Twitter then you might know that Shay and Erica have been going at it with each other.

Yesterday (May 14) Shay posted this Tweet directed at Erica:

Though it hasn’t stopped there because the two women in love with Scrappy went at again earlier today via Twitter.

Erica fired this shot:


And Shay Johnson Buckeey wasted not time getting at Erica about Scrappy, clapping back:



Here is some highlights from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday:

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