Katy Perry BUSTED For Jacking Hip Hop Song From Flame

Katy Perry BUSTED For Jacking Hip Hop Song From Flame

For more than five years rapper Marcus Gray has finally been vindicated thanks to a jury who found Katy Perry guilty of jacking Flame’s song “Joyful Noise” for her hit track “Dark Horse.”

Katy Perry litterally copied a 2008 Christian rap song titled “Joyful Noise” by Flame for her “Dark Horse” hit and now she has to cough up $2.78 million. Read on for the tea spill on Katy Perry BUSTED For Jacking Hip Hop Song from Flame…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest jack tracking that involves Katy Perry and rapper Marcus Gray aka Flame (as seen above).

Marcus Gray aka Flame “survived constant court challenges and a trial against top-flight attorneys for Perry and the five other music-industry heavyweights who wrote Katy Perry‘s song,” according to Fox News.

Gray’s attorney, Michael A. Kahn pointed out:

We weren’t here seeking to punish anyone.  Our clients came here seeking justice, and they feel they received justice from a jury of their peers.

TMZ reports:

Perry will personally have to shell out $550k to the rapper while Capitol Records, who was also a defendant, will have to fork over a whopping $1.2 million.

The jury returned a unanimous verdict and is a massive win for Christian rapper Gray, who goes under the moniker, Flame.

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