Is A Hermes Birkin Bag Worth It? Hip Hop Artists Weigh In

Is A Hermes Birkin Bag Worth It? Hip Hop Artists Weigh In

Is A Hermes Birkin Bag Worth It? Hip Hop Artists Weigh In!

Everybody is talking about Birkin Bags thanks to Saweetie misguided video.

Saweetie caused an uproar about getting the “bag.” Is an ultra-luxurious Hermès Birkin bag worth the money. See the female rapper gave fans misguided advice telling young women that they “need a man who can buy you a Birkin.”

The video that went viral has brought up a debate with many celebrities and artists who have the money but feel that a Birkin Bag is NOT worth the $2625. to $8300. price tag. Some Birkins are going for $95,000, that’s the cost of a house. Read on for more is a Hermes Birkin Bag worth it? reports that Cardi B who can buy Hermes Birkin Bags anytime she pleases feels that the media is making a mockery of the issue since black females are buying the bags.

See, some people are claiming that women in rap have deteriorated the value of the rare handbag.

Most notably, Cardi B and Offset have both been outspoken on the topic, claiming that Cardi and other rappers flex their Birkins, are adding value to the purse. Cardi expresses her feelings that black female rappers do not devalue Hermes Birkin Bags because they are talking about them.

Even City Girls talking about Birkin Bags in “Jobs”:

Birkin Bags are the Red Bottoms for the new-gen female rappers in the biz. Dreamdoll not only raps about the ultra-luxurious Hermès Birkin bags, she was recently spotted rocking a soft pink one via FashionBombDaily:


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@Dreamdoll was spotted wearing A @hermes #Birkinbag and @chanelofficial ! #dreamdoll #chanel #fashion

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Back in the early 2000s Sex and The City was all about the fashions, living in New York, and, yes, of course, the infamous Birkin Bag episode. See Samantha wanted a Birkin Bag so bad that she used Lucy Lue’s celebrity to get herself one. Back then, Birkins were all the rage and there was a five-year waitlist. These days Birkin Bags are still Stunning and fashionable, but there is no waitlist, you can walk in and buy one at Hermes.

The criticism is NOT about black female rappers devaluing Hermes Birkin Bags. It’s about Saweetie’s basic and horrible message she put out on social media. She is devaluing relationships. When she said women “need a man who can buy you a Birkin.” That is telling young women to be materialistic and superficial. The women of today who look to her as a role model will only look for a man to use and to buy her things. That is not what relationships are about unless you are a gold digger. Saweetie is a horrible role model for young women because she sent out the wrong message.

Don’t take it from us, listen to the ladies of The Real, who break it down about a Birkin Bag being worthless at the end of the day.

This has sparked rapper like lil Durk, T.I., and Safaree to weigh in on the Birkin Bags uproar.

T.I. and Lil Durk would rather never hear about Birkin bags again.

Durk wrote on IG:

I just got her property she ain’t want a Birkin.


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I just got her property she ain’t want a birkin ?

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He, and his girlfriend India Royale, would prefer to invest their cash rather than recklessly spending it on a purse.

The King of the South, T.I., who is set to go up against Jeezy on Verzuz next month agreed, commenting:

Now… THIS more like it!!!


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Now…. THIS more like it!!! @lildurk #BigDogVibes

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Safaree made a clear point about when a man buys a Birkin for his woman:

The bottom line is this. Buy property, homes, and invest your money smart. A Birkin Bag may be an investment, but in 10-years will you be living inside a Birkin or in a home?

Saweetie is teaching young black women to waste their money or have their boyfriends waste their money and live outside of their means. This is another bad habit hip hop tends to teach the youth. Instead of wasting money on clothing that lasts for a season, invest your money so you will have a prosperous future, not a broke one. Struggling in your 40s and 50s is NOT a good look.

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