Cardi B Questions Media Backlash Over Hermes Birkin Bags

Cardi B Questions Media Backlash Over Hermes Birkin Bags

Cardi B Questions Media Backlash Over Hermes Birkin Bags!

Now we respect Cardi B for her stance on why is the media bashing females in hip hop and their love of Hermes Birkin Bags?

See, Cardi B can purchase a Hermes Birkin Bag anytime she wants. But the female rapper is wanting to know why some people are claiming that women in hip hop devalue Hermes Birkins because they have them. Read on…


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So I had this convo with my team about this topic after seeing this viral tweet …what do you guys think ? Watch till the end

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on reports that Cardi B is making a valid point about why female rappers are being criticized over their love of a Birkin Bag.

The answer is simple. While celebrities don’t go on Instagram Live and tell young women to find a man to go out and buy them a Hermes Birkin Bag.

Saweetie used her platform in the wrong way because when you are in an influential position you don’t want to teach bad values to your fans unless that is your agenda.

Cardi B has posted plenty of photos with her Hermes Birkin, but she is NOT doing it in a tacky way like Saweetie.

She posted this photo of her purse collection:


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Pick a color

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In Cardi B’s defense, she does nothing but promotes her love of Birkin Bags like any other celebrity. Saweetie is the one who made Birkin sound like a come up.

As we said, Saweetie is sending the wrong message to young women. Cardi B is NOT. This is no different than women who love red bottoms made famous by Christian Louboutin.

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