DMX New York Home In Foreclosure


DMX New York Home In Foreclosure

DMX may be embarking on a 7 day mini tour in Texas for March, but his house in fancy Mt. Kisco, New York is in foreclosure since he stopped paying the mortgage!

According to DMX and his estranged wife, insists on living in a house she can’t afford, refusing to pay a single bill, so that’s why the bank is rearing its ugly head. In fact, has learned that X hasn’t paid a single house payment since 2008.

Word is, the house is in DMX’s name, but the rapper revealed that he stopped living there in 2005 and his wife Tashera Simmons agreed to take over all financial responsibilities related to the home, including mortgage payments.

Earl Simmons aka DMX also claims that while he was in jail, his estranged wife Tashera withdrew $100,000 from his bank account without his permission. NOT one cent of the monies she tool went towards the mortgage.

DMX also explains:

“I told her she is living above her means, that you can’t still live on the same block as Martha Stewart and Chevy Chase, you gotta downgrade, but she refuses to do so because the house is in my name. She doesn’t give a f*** about my credit.”

Tashera has not responded to any calls made.


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