DJ Traci Steele Lesbian Tongue Lashing


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(CelebNMusic247-News) DJ Traci Steele Lesbian Tongue Lashing

Last night on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we met DJ Traci Steele, who is one of the hottest DJ’s on radio in the A.

Streets is talking and we’ve found out from a very reliable source that Hot 107.9 DJ has a dark past!

On last nights episode, Traci Steele introduced herself as one of the hottest female DJ on air in Atlanta and that she is a single mother of one. Traci has a six year old son with Chris Brown‘s DJ. The name of her estrange baby daddy is DJ Babey Drew who has a problem with commitment.  Traci tells viewers on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that she is a professional woman raising her son, Little Drew, and she doesn’t want her child to learn bad habits from his dad.

Here is what the streets is saying about the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 newbie:

Word on the streets have told us via email that Traci has some desrempancies in VH1 bio, so they gave the inside track on what the streets is saying about the single mama on LHHA.

In her bio it reads that she hails from the Bronx, New York

The source verified that is true, but when it came to the part where it says she enlisted in the Air Force served as Senior Airman for 4 years. They revealed to us that part of her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta bio was fabricated.

Next the source told us….Traci attended Mount Vernon High School in the City of Mount Vernon in Westchester County, New York so we verified that by checking her Facebook page, but there was nothing about the Air Force on there…which we found to be curious because most people we be proud of that and post something on their page.

We decided to dig a little deeper and here is what we found via our inside source. Then we compared her VH1 Love and Hip Hop bio to her web bio and there is nothing said about her enlisting in the Air force at all!

DJ Traci Steele emerges as a hard hitting DJ and Radio Personality. She hails from the Bronx, New York, where lived until the age of 19 when she enlisted in the Air Force. Traci served as Senior Airman for 4 years. While stationed in Virginia, Traci heard an open casting call for radio personalities, and immediately reported to WHOV 88.1 to audition in her uniform.

We found this rumor to be interesting because when we did some research online we came across Traci Steele’s bio on her webpage and it reads completely different:

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Somebody forgot to make sure everything read the same…Opsy!

The source also revealed to us that not only did she like older men, she experimented with the ladies.

Oh My??? Is it getting hot in hurr?

The source then dropped this bomb:

“Traci was a fan of older men and allegedly was tricking for money[allegedly] and to top that off her nickname Jaw Jacker [Allegedly]!”


We guess Traci put her money on her mouth is???

photos courtesy of Facebook

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