Cardi B TIRED of Rappers Who ‘All Wanna Die’ + Make ‘Depressing’ Music

Cardi B Says Modern Rappers ‘All Wanna Die’ & Make ‘Depressing’ Music

Cardi B TIRED of Rappers Who ‘All Wanna Die’ + Make ‘Depressing’ Music!

When it comes to hip hop these days modern-day rappers are influencing young minds negativity with music that is all about death and depressing’ music.


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A post shared by Cardi B Fan Account (@dabaddiecardib) reports that Cardi B didn’t hold back while dishing on the rap and club scenes!

While Offset thinks rappers need to diversify instead of just making music, his wife Cardi B, who dressed up as Morticia Addams for Halloween recently jumped on Instagram Live and spoke her mind on the current state of the rap game.

Initially, the 29-year-old rapper proclaimed that she aims to make turn-up music for the club:

I know what n***as is missing in the club–me! They missing me, they missing my music! Lemme tell you something, I am sick and tired of hearing the same motherf***ing s**t. I came from the strip club, and now that I’m in the game and everything and I be seeing all these motherf***ers on Twitter like ‘You need to have rap, you need to have bars, you need to have this.’ I want to make music to turn the f**k up! ‘Cause when I go to the club, that’s what n***as wanna hear. N***as ain’t hearing no [gibberish]–nobody wanna hear that s**t, we wanna turn up!… I wanna hear that turn up s**t. That’s what the f**k I’m gonna do. That’s what they missing–they missing Belcalis!

Cardi B critiqued certain aspects of ‘depressing’ modern rap music.

She continued stating that many current rappers “wanna die” and have issues with consuming lean and marijuana:

I feel like n***as nowadays making music with this type of beat that is mad depressing. All these rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die. They all wanna die–all of ’em! All these n***as need to stop doing lean and smoking weed. You know, this the thing about these rappers: they get money and they start buying too much motherf***in’ weed and too much lean and they make that slow s**t. I wanna turn up–tired of the same song every time I go to the motherf***ing club.

Cardi B then stated:

The club needs me! The strippers need me. The bartenders need me! The h*es need me. The motherf***ing get-money n***as need me. I wanna shake my a**, n***a! Am I lying?

We agree club music needs to be uplifting and fun. Remember Busta, Missy, Timberland, Diddy, Lil Kim, that was the shhh.

Cardi we need club music that bangs. Mumble rap and depressing 21 Savage music needs to go.