Amina Spills The Tea on Peter Gunz


Amina Spills The Tea on Peter Gunz!!!

On Love and Hip Hop season 5 episode 9 Peter Gunz is about to learn the worst thing in life is having two women scorned by his cheating ways so Amina Spills The Tea on Peter Gunz.

Peter Gunz wife, Amina Buddafly Pankey is tired of feeling dissed and miserable while his baby mama Tara Wallace is doing her 5 step program to get past his betrayal.

The two ladies decided to have a sit down and after Amina speaks with Erica Mena during her video shoot, she reveals that she is going to spill all the hot tea on Peter Gunz to Tara, so she understands that she is NOT the only womane he cheated with during He and Tara’s 9-year-run. Tara and Peter have two beautiful boys together, but dirty dawg Gunz never seems to learn that he needs to keep his peen in his pants when he father’s children with a woman that he claims he loves.

Meanwhile Amina is experiencing the same woes that Tara has already endured. The two ladies hash things out a a lunch meeting and that is when Amina reveals all. Tara is shocked by the mouth dropping reveal and is ready to rip Peter’s Gun off!!!


Later, Peter stops by to speak with his baby mama, Tara, and she let’s him have Guns loaded! He starts off saying, “I don’t know why Amina told you all that…it’s her defense to get at you,” which Tara is NOT buying.


He doesn’t know what Amina told Tara. He is upset with her, but Tara doesn’t give a flying F about what she revealed. Tara finds out that there was 6 other women besides Amina that he cheated with while they were together.

Tara screams “Why should I look at my sons father like a disgusting grimy motherf—-r?”

Peter Replies, “because that is who he is, I’m a disgusting grimy motherf—-r!”