Precious Paris Attacks Jhonni Blaze


Precious Paris Attacks Jhonni Blaze!!!

Former G-Unit artist Precious Paris is still furious with former Texas stripper now singer Jhonni Blaze who is told to apologize for last weeks outburst, but Precious Paris Attacks Jhonni Blaze.

Last week, Jhonni Blaze when HAM on Precious when she stormed into her studio session to rip Rich Dollaz a new one. One thing led to another and after several attempts from Jhonni telling Paris to take it outside so she can work on her music the two women got into a fight. Rich, as always, sat back smiling at his artist fighting, hair pulling and rolling around on the floor.

A few days later Rich tells Jhonni NEEDS to clean up her act because he will NOT work with her if she continues to be so darn RATCHET!


Across town, Precious Paris meets with Cyn Santana for drinks and yet another reveal about Rich Dollaz, who used to smash Blaze. Well she also told Paris that Jhonni was the one who blasted Rich all over social media. Remember Rich’s peen pic on Twitter?

That was Blaze putting him on FULL EXPOSURE. Once Precious hears that she is DONE, if Rich doesn’t come clean she is shelving Dollaz Entertainment.

Rich knows he is on thin ice so he take Precious out clothes shopping , but “it’s a set up Coco” because he has Jhonni Blaze pop up to apologize, but Precious ain’t hearing it and she attacks!!!

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Whats up with strippers wanting to be rappers? Do we need another Joseline Hernandez thinking she can spit? We already know she can spit on the mic, but rap…not so much!