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Love and Hip Hop New Orleans Confirmed

Yes we hinted before that Mona Scott-Young was scouting out new locations for her Hip Hop Soap Opera, and now Love and Hip Hop New Orleans Confirmed!!!

CelebNReality247.com just got word that Love & Hip Hop New Orleans is already filming, and wait until you hear who is part of the this cast…

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Karlie Redd & Mystikal Filming Movie Together


Karlie Redd & Mystikal Filming Movie Together!!!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd took to her Instagram feed to announce to her fans that Karlie Redd & Mysitkal Filming Movie Together.

Although, Karlie didn’t reveal her upcoming project with Tyler, her IMDB did reveal that she is filming a new movie “We Are Family”, that stars Monique Coleman, Chyna Layne, Christian Keyes, RonReaco Lee, Frenchie Davis, D Woods, Omarosa Manigault and more…

Here is the synopsis:

Six strangers (of different backgrounds, cultures, and economic statuses) are invited to a mysterious home, each for different reasons. With nothing in common, they soon find out that they are actually brothers and sisters.


Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal posted for a selfie which Karlie captioned:

“The Fam Mystical @mindofmystikal and I doing a movie together… Crazy part is he plays my husband in the movie…???????????? #HardestWorkingWoman”

In a recent interview with STL Today, Mystikal said he’s ready to take his shine in entertainment again.

Since his release, Mystikal has been prepping to put his career back on track.

The “Tarantula” rapper says:

“I’m hitting the streets again with big things.”

He adds:

“Every day I go outside, I can go to Walmart, and people are asking me, ‘When is it coming? I’m waiting, bro.’ It’s a process.”

Mystikal concludes:

“I can only be myself,” he says. “You can’t do nothing but who the hell you are. I’m gonna swing that thing like I do. That’s all I can do. If you get out there trying to be somebody else, you can’t recover from that.”

When it comes to a new album, Mystikal says dropping a new album has to have all the right components and it has to be the right place:

“It has to be the right company and the right people.”

“I couldn’t line them up for a while. Now everything I need is at my disposal.”


What do you think?

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Jay Sean’s Producers Suing Cash Money Records


Jay Sean’s Producers Suing Cash Money Records!?!

According to Jay Sean’s Producers his hit album “All or Nothing” didn’t happen magically so  Jay Sean’s Producers Suing Cash Money Records!

CelebNMusic247.com has just caught wind that Sean’s music producers who are going to war with Sean’s label, Cash Money Records, claiming they were screwed out of a million dollars.

Here is what TMZ reports:

The lawsuit was filed by Orange Factory Music … which claims it had a deal with Cash Money to produce Sean’s huge 2009 single, “Down” — and seven other songs.

The producers say it took 2 years before they finally saw a check — for just $211K. They say they continued to get royalty statements for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but never got a check.

Orange Factory is going after Cash Money, not Sean — for at least $1 million.

Recently Jay Sean left Cash Money Records to pursue another direction with his music.


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