Master P St Louis No Limit Tour Booed By Fans; “Wackiest Concert” EVER

Master P St Louis No Limit Tour Booed By Fans; "Wackiest Concert" EVER

Master P and his No Limit Soldiers might need to start doing some rehearsals and getting their shhh together because fans are letting them have it!

According to multiple fans who paid to see the Master P No Limit Tour are displeased by the performance, calling it the “wackest concert” EVER! Read on for details on why Master P St Louis No Limit Tour Booed reports that Master P and his No Limit Soldiers had a terrible concert performance in St. Louis because the got heavily BOOED by fans.

If you were to rewind Master P and put him back in the early 2000s, No Limit was doing great touring. That was 19 years ago and Percey is 49-years-old and apparently, it shows.

The Reviews Say “Urghhhh” About Master P No Limit Tour:

STLToday writes:

In what will go down as the most infamous concert in St. Louis in 2019, No Limit soldiers led by Master P with Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker, Fiend and Mia X brought a lazy, disorganized, cheap, unprepared ramshackle of a show to town. It would have been better suited for a grimy nightclub.

Then some fans took to Twitter saying the Master P St Louis No Limit Tour is the “Wackiest Concert” EVER:

One fan who paid to see the show said this after:

It was so ugly that the New Orleans rappers were booed off the stage.

So what went wrong? Everything! According to those in attendance. First, the show started 2 hours late. Second, Master P and others kept forgetting their lyrics. Critics also blasted the concert for poor production (there was no video screen/monitor on stage). It came of cheap and tacky – a completely low budget event, and that is not surprising since we all know Percey is a penny pincher.

What was worse is that the stage was filled with 50 random people – which was distracting.

We’re BOOING them now and we didn’t even attend!

Master P knows better, this is an embarrassment to No Limit. Get your shhh together and don’t tour until you do.

Well Master P begs to differ since he released this instavideo of fans and friends hyping the show:

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