Snowgoons – “Get Off The Ground”

(CelebNMusic247) Snowgoons – “Get Off The Ground” [Lil Fame, Sean Price ,Ruste Juxx, Justin Time & H.Stax].

Has proof that REAL HipHop still exist, yeah I know there are different kinds of HipHop but this is the Original Form of HipHop.

Rappers Delight was a smash party hit it was specifically choose because it was a considered to be “Safe” to mainstream America. So even that wasn’t the original style of HipHop.  Quite frankly if you lyrics are garbage and you rapping for money Only then that’s not Real HipHop.  HipHop is a culture, a movement started in the urban neighborhoods.  If you want to rap and your not a part of the culture it’s not Real HipHop its HipPop.

Take notes, Real HipHop is based on your experience in the culture not what you see someone else living and you write a rhyme or two about it then spit it, then your considered a fraud, a fake, a phony.  I give props to the rappers & the director/producers/writers who came up with this concept even though this will be NEVER be played in the mainstream.  This video was meant for the Underground fans only…!!!  You see that’s keeping it Real, not worrying about the crossover appeal follow your own visions instead of someone elses. Tell us what you think of this video.  Follow us @usunghiphop 


From the new album “Snowgoons Dynasty”!


Shot and edited by Stress of No Good People (NGP)

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