Glasses Malone Drops FIRE Track ‘Kanye Should Have Never Married (That B*tch)’

Glasses Malone Drops FIRE Track 'Kanye Should Have Never Married (That B*tch)'

Glasses Malone Drops FIRE Track ‘Kanye Should Have Never Married (That B*tch)’!

Not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian’s especially when it comes to Kanye West marrying Kim Kardashian. Continue on to watch Glasses Malone new video about  Kanye West getting married to Kim K… has the latest song from Glasses Malone featurng Suga Free & LA Giantz in a song entitled ‘Kanye Should Have Never Married (That B*tch)’.

The tittle says it all when it comes to Glasses Malone opinion on Kanye and Kim getting hitched.

A month before dropping the Kanye track, Glasses Malone came with it with “My Nyk Cortez” feat. LA Giantz & Mr. White Dogg:

The West Coast sound is back in a hard way thanks to Glasses Malone and Suga Free who dropped two FIRE tracks after a 3 year hiatus.

The last time we hear from Malone was the controversial “2Pac Must Die” which sent shockwaves throughout the rap industry and had fans understanding the song as a story through the eyes of Orlando Anderson (2Pac’s alleged killer).

Now, Glasses new song and video which dropped mid summer hits at Kanye who is currently in a messy divorce with reality sensation Kim Kardashian.

On the flip, Suga Free & Snoop Dogg also dropped another hard-hitting track and video for the song “Don’t be thinking wit cho D— Boy.”

It’s Snoop and Suga Free at their best. This is what we want to hear from Snoop Dogg, not that horrible track he did with Eminem. The song that they sung at the MTV Awards was utter garbage. Hey someone had to say it.

Moreover, Malone has been busy working in the studio, releasing hot music, and recording his podcast on Charlemagne the God’s network.

Thank you West Coast, the drought is over since we haven’t been hearing anything outstanding for the past couple years.

What do you think of Glasses Malone NEW video ‘Kanye Should Have Never Married (That B*tch)’?