Big Sean Covered By 65,000 Bees For “What a Life” Video

Big Sean Covered By 65,000 Bees For "What a Life" Video

Big Sean Covered By 65,000 Bees For “What a Life” Video!

Rapper Big Sean has taken a bold step to celebrate the release of his new song, “What a Life” featuring Hit-Boy. Wait until you see Big Sean covered in bees… reports that Big Sean and producer Hit-Boy have teamed up for their upcoming song “What a Life.”

33-year-old rapper Sean, born Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, shared the said photos on his Instagram account on Thursday, October 21:

Sean wrote:

WHAT A LIFE’ OUT NOW! Video @ Noon!!! In the song I said 100 B’s, but it was really 65,000 ‘s on me. this not photoshopped neither. I HAD 65,000 Bee’s on me… love to the hive.


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Many of Chris’ famous fans have since reacted to the post. One, in particular, was his collaborator Hit-Boy who exclaimed, “You’re fckin crazy bro.” Fellow rapper Lil Yachty commented, “Heard ya lookin 4 Candyman b***h!

What do you think of the “Blessings” rapper covered in bees. Good thing he’s not allergic to them right?

Bees are so essential to our environment. Without bees we would have not plant life or clean air to breathe.

Bees have cultural and environmental importance as pollinators and producers of honey and medicinal products. The movement of pollen between plants is necessary for plants to fertilize and reproduce. Both farmed and wild bees control the growth and quality of vegetation — when they thrive, so do crops

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Big Sean’s new video “What a Life” arrives at 12 p.m. EST on Friday.