Rick Ross Counter Sues Briana Camille For Joint Custody

Rick Ross Counter Sues Briana Camille For Joint Custody!

Rick Ross Counter Sues Briana Camille For Joint Custody!

Rosay and his the mother of his children, Briana Camille legal battle is getting ugly as the hip hop couple are in court over the custody of their kids Berkeley and Billion. Read on…


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CelebNMusic247.com reports that last week it was said that Rick Ross was upset when he learned the DNA test confirmed he’s the Father of their kids.

See, last week, Briana Camille felt forced to slap him with a lawsuit for failing to support his son and being reluctant to take a DNA test.

Now that Rick Ross has learned he is indeed the father of his kids, Rosay is now suing Briana for joint custody of their two children.

We previously reported that Rick claimed that Briana dragged her case down. In addition, he accused her of keeping her children, Berkeley and Billion, away from him and refusing to return a company car that Rick gave her.

And to add salt into the lawsuit, Ross is now seeking joint custody of her two children when she mentioned Briana’s alleged “erratic” behavior.

Rick’s attorneys said:

The defendant claims that he will not be able to exercise parenting time for minor children without court intervention to ensure parenting time is granted.

If you recall, Rick was criticized for trolling Briana after DNA testing showed that he really is the father of Berkeley and Billion. He scoffed at the news, joking as if he were the one chasing his baby for a DNA test.

The Mayback Music leader said in a short clip posted Monday, May 18:

I can’t believe Fat Girl had her blood tested, damn it, they said she almost fell running away from them when they came to force her to have her blood tested

He added in the video:

She took it, and I’m the dad, and I’m the daddy.

The Chief wrote about the video:

It took months after you requested it,” and he called Briana his “surrogate” in the caption as he wrote, “Eyez dat baby daddy! My surrogate always complies! Thank you very much #Fatgirl.”

Many of his fans called him out for disrespecting their baby:

One said:

Wow … total disrespect.

And comment read:

Never disrespect the mother of your child (ren)! This is low.

A man who disrespects the mother of his child says a lot about who he is as a man. His caliber ain’t right.

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