Kevin Gates Has No Game So He Whips His D-ck Out

Kevin Gates Has No Game So He Whips His D-ck Out

Kevin Gates Has No Game So He Whips His D-ck Out!

When it comes to having sex, Kevin Gates looks at a woman’s mouth first. He says that he NEVER gets soft and when he wants sex he jut whips it out. Read on for the tea… has some tea on Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates and their sexual escapades.

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates are true freaks and in a interview with Angela Yee, the hip hop couple got real raw with their sexual admissions.

Gates admits that he has no game, but when he wants sex, he just whips his dick out and expects it to be sucked.

Kevin goes in about talking about sucking a woman’s P and he loves to have Dreka hold his face up in it.

He goes on to say he stays hard, which Dreka agrees and says she’s gone down on him several times on the way out to eat.

If you recall, a while back footage leaked of Kevin swinging his lumber with a woman who is not his wife Dreka and the internet went wild.

Kevin and Dreka have been together for almost a decade now and in the words of the rapper, “She’s built me.”

During a interview on “Lip Service” and openly discussed bringing other women into the bedroom, and Kevin also talked about other women tasting how good Dreka’s Punani (taste like Mangos). They always want to know what he put on his body. He says Dreka P.

Gates said:

I ain’t put nothing on it, that’s Dreka…They don’t even know, this what you tasting.

When it comes to him with other women, Ye asked if Dreka has to always be present?

She replied:

I don’t rock like that, I want to play too…You going off and doing your own thing – nah.

Gates goes on to say:

Our relationship isn’t based on sex. That’s my best friend.

Earlier this year, Kevin Gates dropped his video for Fatal Attraction, which was conceptualized by his wife Dreka:

The touches on the subject matter of Voodoo. Check it:

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