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Breathe Carolina & Ryos-More Than Ever-1121-1

SIC VIDS -EDM: Breathe Carolina – Julian Jordan – Tiësto

Breathe Carolina & Ryos-More Than Ever-1121-1

SIC VIDS -EDM: Breathe Carolina – Julian Jordan – Tiësto!!!

This SIC VID EDM set is for the partiers heading out to the club with our EDM video block by Breathe Carolina – Julian Jordan – Tiësto.

Being HUGE EDM fans ourselves we thought it was only fitting to give you some videos to dance and act crazy too while getting ready to go out this weekend.  The EDM set features new music by Breathe Carolina & Ryos – Julian Jordan – Tiësto & Oliver Helden. We know you’re gonna love it. Thanks to Spinnin’ Records this SIC VID set of EDM comes from Spinnin TV – stay up to date with the newest EDM with Spinnin’ Records and Spinnin TV.

Breathe Carolina & Ryos – “More Than Ever”:

Check out new and exhilarating music by Breathe Carolina and Ryos, featuring the impressive input by KARRA. The result is a mesmerizing progressive tune, building up with a emotionally charged melody before the vocals grab the attention. It’s deep, it’s touching, and then it all drops, making sure all hands are in the air.

Kick off the party with Breathe Carolina & Ryos “More Than Ever” Video:

Julian Jordan has been on the rise for quite a while. Starting out as one of the youngest talents on Spinnin’ Records, he’s been releasing some major festival hits these last years, recently making a huge impact with ‘Lost Words’, a record that got support from all major DJs out there, ranging from Tiësto and Afrojack to Sander van Doorn, W&W, Nicky Romero and VINAI.

It’s a distinct electro/progressive style the (still only) 20-year old DJ displays, high on energy, always providing unique melodies and hooks. His newest single, for which he teamed up with Dutch artist Stino, proves the point; a rock hard electro tune with funky vocoder breakdown, cool drop and all the rave vibes you need.

Check it the new video from Julian Jordan & Stino – “Feel The Power”

Tiësto & Oliver Heldens – “Wombass”

Tiësto & Oliver Helden are a superstar collab made in dance heaven, Wombass is all you expect from two heavyweights like Tiesto and Oliver Heldens teaming up. The melody is a direct hook, based on an addictive bassline, taking on some cool breakbeats and strings, while presenting a straight in-your-face house rhythm.

Hot stuff made to raise some excitement on the floor!

Check out new music from Tiësto & Oliver Helden with “Wombass”:

What did you think of this awesome SIC VID EDM set featuring

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Missy Elliott Is Back With WTF Video


Missy Elliott Is Back With WTF Video!!!

After a extended hiatus from making sick tracks Missy Elliott Is Back With WTF Video that mixes fashion foward with funky beats a dope visuals. has your first look in case you haven’t see Missy Elliott new song/video “WTF.” The “Get Ur Freak On” MC is back to taking the airwaves by storm with her new video “WTF” featuring Pharrell Williams in one of the dopest videos to hit Revolt.

Elliott and Meyers have teamed for 11 videos, starting with 2001’s “Get Ur Freak On,” and they’ve produced such highlights as “Gossip Folks,” “Work It,” and “Pass That Dutch.” The two started collaborating just as Meyers’ career was starting to catch fire. He started gaining attention in the late 1990s with clips like Kid Rock’s “Bawitaba” and Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” then rode that wave until the mid-aughts, when he was handling videos for the likes of Céline Dion and Janet Jackson. He then started focusing on commercials and directed the remake of The Hitcher, sporadically making music videos (often for his other most frequent partner, P!nk) before stopping altogether in 2012, reports.


Recently David Meyers spoke with TheVerge about how he and Missy Elliot got re-teamed up to make another amazing video for her new song “WTF.”

Meyers explains about the hype of Missy coming back after her 2015 halftime performance at the Super Bowl:

“A month later that I got a phone call with the track. We wanted to shoot in July, but the puppets were the first idea, and when we contacted the puppet maker he was like, “Oh yeah, it will be three months to make those.” We had to greenlight just the puppets without really knowing how or in which way the overall video was going to be. So we rushed to get those made, and while those were being made, we had a three-month creative journey of filling out the rest of the video, which is the longest I’ve ever had to think out a video. It was a very enjoyable and exciting process for me and Missy, because usually it’s so fast moving. This time we really got to do a lot of chatting and a lot of collaborating and a lot of careful planning and conversations…”

When asked about the concept of puppetry he says:

“The initial burst was the excitement for the puppets, then it kind of dawned on me and Missy, like, “Is that enough?” Obviously there’s a big dance appreciation for what Missy is as a brand, and the puppets will dance, but will they dance in an innovative way enough to capture what Missy means to the dance community? She’s been gone so long, so for her to re-emerge with just puppets and to not see Missy … There’s so much charisma associated with her and the way she frontlines a dance experience, it seemed like it wasn’t quite a Missy experience. We had been talking, and after the VMAs happened, we really went hard on it. I was like, “We have to do what we do.” Over a couple days I pitched her all the surreal things I could dream of, then we shot it two weeks later.”

Take a look at Missy Elliott’s new video for “WTF”:

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Future ‘Rich Sex’ Video Ft Blac Chyna Raises Eyebrows


Future ‘Rich Sex’ Video Ft Blac Chyna Raises Eyebrows!!!

Ciara’s ex baby daddy’s video is finally out after all the rumors that he and Chyna we dating, Future ‘Rich Sex’ Video Ft Blac Chyna Raises Eyebrows.

The video features Tyga’s ex baby mama in lingerie and some mesh featuring her booty as she engages in multiples scenes kissing on Future.

Despite the rumored relationship which remains ambiguous, the new suggestive video which is heavily auto-tuned shows the couple having a good time in a Miami Beach home talking about having “Rich Sex”. has this breakdown:

Basically its sex in a nice home with high-end furniture, and in the bedroom on a King Bed with Elegant Comfort 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & fade Resistant sheets.

Because everything else about the sex is the same, it just you are doing it with Champagne and caviar on cucumber slices with pimento or strawberries dipped in chocolate with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

The video is directed by Eif Rivera and presented by Freebandz.

Watch Future’s “Rich Sex” video:

What do you think of Future ‘Rich Sex’ Video Ft Blac Chyna?

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Did Rick Ross and Lira Galore Dup Us About The Split


Did Rick Ross and Lira Galore Dup Us About The Split???

We were feeling all sad about Rick Ross and Lira Galore’s relationship ended but Did Rick Ross and Lira Galore Dup Us About The Split since Rosay’s Sorry Video has just dropped?

Yes, Rick Ross’ dropped his new video for “Sorry” dropped and it stars his fiancee’ Lira Galore. If you remember Rick and Lira had both posted photos from the set on their Instagram accounts during the filming. Then just days later reported that Lira Galore walked out on Ross.

That’s when we noticed this verse in his new video where Rick spits “She packed her bags and left me home, and I’m still hurting.”

And then in the video Lira packs her bags and walks out on Rick Ross in the video…hmm!

Sounds way too familiar right?

If they did indeed fake their split to promote the “sorry” video then that is just as whack as DJ Khaled proposing to Nicki Minaj. Remember that fraudulent news from Khalid’s camp. It was like beauty and the beast, but the beast was trying to claim the beauty who was like “yeah…he’s nice, but not my type.”

Watch the “Sorry” video and decide for yourself…while I try to get out of my feelings:

Meanwhile has noticed that Enstarz is reporting that Lira Galore is no longer wearing her engagement ring after reports swirl that her and Rick Ross split.

Apparently the rumors that Rick Ross snatched his engagement ring from his now ex-fiancée are true.

Lira Galore recently uploaded a series of snapshots on Instagram and her 11 carat diamond ring is nowhere to be found.

In one photo posted Monday night, her left hand is on full display as she rocks a pair of ripped black jeans. But what’s missing is the ring that Ross gave her when he popped the question just a few short weeks ago…

Now we beg to differ since Lira Galore posted some photos on Tuesday and she is still wearing her engagement ring. – Take a look:


Do you think Rick Ross & Lira Galore Dup Us About The Split?

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