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Jazmyn Simon Talks Ballers 2 + What's Next for Julie Greane

Jazmyn Simon Talks Ballers 2 + What’s Next for Julie Greane

We had a great time speaking with Jazmyn Simon, who plays Julie Greane on HBO’s Ballers. Jazmyn gives us the tea on Julie and Charles. She also hints she may rock a new look in season 3!!!

Get some firsthand insight on Ballers 2 from Jazmyn Simon and whats next for Julie Greane on the flip…

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Donovan Carter Talks Ballers 2 + 5 Things You Don’t know

Donovan Carter Talks Ballers and Life After Football

The former UCLA Bruins/Raiders, Defensive lineman Donovan Carter talks Ballers and Life After Football . Carter compares his real life on HBOs Ballers!!!

In a new interview Donovan Carter spoke with about his real football career and the evolution of his character Vernon Littlefield. Read more on the flip and find out 5 things you didn’t know about Donovan…

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Glass The Tramp Devotes His Undying Love For Jody Watley

Glass The Tramp Shows his Undying Love For Jody Watley

The innovative, fashion forward visionary and Funk-pop Extraordinaire Glass The Tramp respects and shows his undying love for Jody Watley in his new promo airing on Revolt TV!!!

Find out more on why Glass The Tramp shows his undying love For Jody Watley promo airing on Revolt TV now…

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