Texas Hippie Coalition’s Big Dad Ritch Advocates for Mental Health

Texas Hippie Coalition's Big Dad Ritch Advocates for Medical Health

Big Dad Ritch is the lead vocalist of Texas Hippie Coalition also known as THC. Rich is an advocate for Mental Health as well as one kick-ass Red Dirt Metal Frontman.

There is so much to this incredible talent, he will blow you away. Read on to hear more on Texas Hippie Coalition’s Big Dad Ritch

Texas Hippie Coalition's Big Dad Ritch Advocates for Medical Health

Check out CelebNMusic247.com EXCLUSIVE interview Gigi and James Earl Richard “Big Dad Ritch” Anderson of Texas Hippie Coalition who just released their 6th album, High In The Saddle, they’re currently on the Haulin Moonshine tour.

Big Dad Ritch who is currently on the Texas Hippie Coalition Haulin Moonshine tour. The tour is named after the first video released for their 6th album, High In The Saddle which came out on May 31st.

We had the pleasure to talk to Big Dad Ritch himself. Ritch said the tour has started off well. He could tell that there were new fans as they were singing them but did not know the older ones. He felt really good about the last couple of nights. It is awesome to hear how new fans are discovering Texas Hippie Coalition. They are truly a diamond in the ruff.

The rock veteran and co-founder of the red dirt metal band shared with us that he is the creator behind the new video Moonshine, which he audited. He laid out all the scenes and the director, Justin Ryan adjusted some of the scenes around. Big Dad Ritch is a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino and the layout was all his. He loves all his movies and his favorite is Pulp Fiction as he can watch it from beginning to end.

The talented and multi-faceted Big Dad has many passions. Mental health is near and dear to his heart. He shared about his medical marijuana grow.

The mental health advocate told us:

Ever since I was born, marijuana has been in my life. My Dad was a hippie with long hair down to his ass, wearing bell bottoms. That is how I was brought up and it was never treated like it was something awful or bad. He shared how there is no shame anymore and the thanks the Lord above. The State of Oklahoma gave him a license to grow and sell marijuana and said, you never know what door the Lord is going to open for you.

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Rich goes on to explain:

For me to be able to help people cure cancer and all different kinds of things. I tell people all the time it’s strange that cigarettes and tobacco are legal and cause cancer.

He is grateful to be able to have a sweet flower from the Lord above.

How 420 Helps Metal Illness:

THC does special events for mental illness.

Mental illness is one thing I try to address all the time. When people bring up gun laws, we try to change the conversation away from the gun and put it on the mental disability of the person that is able to get a gun. We do a show every year on 420. We call it Texas Hippie Coalition Family Reunion. We get involved with a lot of charities and do as much as we can to help out. We are all about family. Our motto is about Faith, Family and Freedom. We are always out to try to convince people to help children, even if that child is not yours. That is being lost across this United States. We try to do all we can.

Big Rich Talks Mental Illness and Independent Musicians:

Big Dad Ritch is so impressive and to hear his passion really touches your heart. We asked how the mental illness correlates to his music overall.

The bearded heavy mental frontman shared that it was proven in an article he recently read, that said 73% of all independent musicians suffer some form of mental illness.

I’m surrounded by these independent musicians. I think if they did studies, they would find that everyone has some level of something going on. If they could figure out a test or something that can be done to help us identify the ones that don’t just have mental illness, but a disability or are unstable.

He goes on to explain:

I think we could help figure out, even if it was a 600-question test or some way they figure it out from the blood or chemicals in their body I think maybe we could get them straightened out. I think everyone listening to this knows someone with something going on, but they aren’t diagnosed as having a mental illness.

When we asked Big Dad if he had a special strain that he grows just related to mental illness and help with that, he said:

We have Snoop Dogg’s favorite which is green crack which has a heavier yield. Snoop Dogg said it helps him with his mental illness. We have a strain called Insane in the Membrane its basically really set to calm the mind.

Big Dad Ritch and his band Texas Hippie Coalition are Red Dirt Metal Rock with heart and soul who bring joy with their music and keep true to their motto of Faith Family and Freedom.

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Texas Hippie Coalition – “Moonshine” video:

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