INTERVIEW: Simon Lunche Speaks on His Music, Performing + Lockdown

Simon Lunche Speaks on His Music, Performing + Lockdown

INTERVIEW: Simon Lunche Speaks on His Music, Performing + Lockdown!

Continue on to read our exclusive interview with the sensational Simon Lunche, who at only 22-years-old is making permanent waves in the music industry for the bay area and around the world. had the opportunity to interview Simon Lunche who recently performed live at the famed “Bottom Of The Hill” in San Francisco on October 9th,2021.

Singer-songwriter, Simon Lunche, who was the youngest artist to be endorsed by Gibson, spoke to us about the past two years during COVID’s pandemic lockdown, getting back on stage, and his new EP.

1. Emerging from the lockdown. How does it feel to start performing again?

It’s almost unexplainable. The most amazing feeling. These past two years of Covid was the longest I’ve gone without being on a stage since I was ten years old, and I think I honestly forgot how much life it can give me to get up there and play. It has made me feel rejuvenated. Hearing a crowd sing lyrics back to me is one of those “everything is perfect in this moment” type of experiences. I’m looking forward to much, much more of it in the coming months.

2. How was it performing at “Bottom of the Hill” in your hometown in San Francisco?

Bottom of the Hill was amazing. It was my first real show back since before Covid and to do it in the Bay Area where I grew up playing was all the more special. All of my day one fans were there singing loud and making it a party. If I could relive that every single night you can bet I would.

3. Let us know any upcoming shows you have planned.

News about that will hopefully be coming soon!

4. Tell us about your vision for new EP you are currently in the studio recording?

All the new songs that I’m working on are really just me being honest in my writing on a new level. I think in the past my writing has taken a slightly metaphorical approach, and recently I’ve been into this really narrative straightforward style that presents a story very concretely start to finish. I realized I’ve got this collection of experiences from growing up that very much made me the person I am today. Some of them are funny, some happy, some quite sad, but they’re all just about the closest moments to my heart I can think of. During lockdown I just had this feeling of “damn I would hate for these stories not to be preserved.” I think the overall product is something that sounds fairly youthful and pretty. Lots of great colors and imagery in both the lyrics and sonics so far.

5. You have worked with some legendary musicians and producers. Tell us a bit about your past and current team?

My mindset has always been to try and surround myself with people who really understand my musical vision and believe in me. Even little things, like knowing where my sonic inspiration is coming from is so helpful. For instance, Sean Hurley who plays the bass on all my records knows that I grew up with Beatles albums on repeat, and how that influences my production style. It’s the little things. That way, if I’m falling short of the mark there’s going to be somebody there to push me to be my best self who knows exactly what I’m trying to achieve sonically.

The main pieces of my team right now are Sean Hurley, who as I mentioned is a bass player extraordinaire. Following is Lee Pardini on the keys who is just the perfect keys player to me. I had struggled a little bit finding the right guy to play on my new stuff and all I kept saying is “I want somebody who sounds like they grew up listening to the last waltz film and Van Morrison and can spin that into something modern.” Lee is just that. His first instinct is almost always exactly the thing I want played, and he’s a wonderful guy which makes being in the studio with him a great time. On drums has been Victor Indrizzo. His groove is just the best and that paired with Sean’s bass is what has been holding together all the new tracks I’ve been recording.

Somebody who I always like to mention too is my mix engineer Dave Reitzas who mixed almost the entirety of “Never Knew the Night.” Dave has been one of my biggest believers and always a source of encouragement for me and he makes that final polish on my music sound great. I’ve been lucky to meet so many people who are so good at what they do and have also become such good friends.

6. How do you feel about the success of your last album “Never Knew the Night?”

It’s great to see how much people have enjoyed the songs. As much as I try not to pay attention to what people think, it’s definitely nice to see this thing that I put my whole heart into flourishing. I love it when a song, which was very much only mine while I was making it, gets put out into the world and claimed by somebody else as an equally big part of their life experience.

7. How do you feel about the Music Industry currently and where it’s headed now that the worlds opening up? Do you think it was a great time during lockdown to flourish in your career?

I’ve got mixed feelings about the effect of lockdown on my career. On one hand it was tough to have just finished this record that I’d spent two years on only to realize I wasn’t going to be able to go tour it. There was a moment of panic thinking all the work I’d put in was going to go to waste. I think being in my early twenties when this all happened was particularly hard too. I’m sure a lot of other young artists can relate to this feeling that you’re in what is supposed to be an exceptionally ripe time of your career and fearing that it will waste away in the absence of shows and live fan interaction. After I moved past those feelings though, I definitely found some of the artistic upsides of lockdown. Having my brain deprived of new experiences is what ended up bringing up all these very rich old memories for me that have been fueling my next project. I ended up being able to do a lot of writing and demoing in my home studio and gain this clarity about the direction I want to go in as a writer and a producer. Overall I’m excited that the live side of the industry is starting to open back up and I’m looking forward to safely being able to get back out there and play all the songs off my album (and also some new ones!)

8. Where can we find your music and social platforms to follow?

You can find me on all the socials @simonlunche, and on your favorite streaming service just by typing in my name!