50 Cent Playing Cupid For Cardi B + Offset to Kiss and Makeup

50 Cent Playing Cupid For Cardi B + Offset to Kiss and Makeup

Last week, former Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B career has been on fire since her Invasion of Privacy debut.

Not only that, she’s had a baby and married Migos star Offset, but that all came to a grinding halt when she announced that she and Offset had officially split!

Well like the rest of the world, rapper 50 Cent ain’t hearing it and now he’s playing cupid for Cardi B + Offset to kiss and makeup. Read on…


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CelebNMusic247.com reports that the five-time Grammy nominee uploaded a video of herself to Instagram decked out in gold watches in promotion of her forthcoming “Money” music video yesterday.

But what was noticed in the comment section is that G-Unit head honcho and Power creator 50 Cent had some love advice for the nominee.

50 Cent posted two comments, the first reads:

That’s a cute out fit but you gotta go home.

And the second comment from the Southside Bully supports Offset admitting he misses Cardi B:

That Boy love you girl.

The 43-year-old rap star/producer/actor added:

No Divorce, ok chill out!

50 Cent Playing Cupid For Cardi B + Offset to Kiss and Makeup

Apparently everyone agreed with Fiddy because his comment gained over 25,000 IG users to like the comment.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has made it known she is not backing down in this situation. Days after alerting the world of the news, the Bronx rapper performed “MotorSport” and altered her verse to rap:

I told him the other day, yeah we gon’ get a divorce.

Since the split, a side chick named Summer Bunni made a tearful apology to Cardi. And rapper Cuban Doll continues to deny anything about a threeway with Offset and Summer. #SMH. #THOTLife

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