Cardi B + Offset SPLIT; They “Grew Out of Love”

Cardi B + Offset SPLIT; They "Grew Out of Love"

Cardi B and Offset marriage has come to the end of the road according to Cardi.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper took to Instagram to tell fans that she and Offset had been trying to work things out for over the past six months, but things were just NOT working out. Read on for more details on split from Cardi B reports that Cardi B and Offset are officially split. The couple called it quits which has blindsided fans, critics and social media users everywhwere.

In a Instagram post where Cardi B explains that she and Offset “grew out of love.”

She says:

Things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time. I guess we just grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore.

When it comes to divorce, Cardi says:

It might take time to get a divorce.

Offset also responded:

Y’all won.

Cardi B is scheduled to appear in court Friday over allegations stemming from an altercation at a New York City bar.

On Monday (Dec. 3), reports were released stating Cardi was absent in court and received a warning from the judge over the truancy. Instead, Cardi was spotted in a bikini in Miami shooting a video and twerking instead of showing up for court because it was more important to take photos.

NOT a smart move.

It also was revealed that Cardi may face jail time if she doesn’t appear in court this week. She is expected to be due in court on Friday (Dec. 7) to face off with the bartending sisters, Baddie Gi and Jade, lawyer Joe Tacopina.

On Tuesday he released a statement about the rapper missing court claiming the sisters were “Very angry.”

The lawsuit claims Cardi B an August bar brawl with the sisters for messing with her now estranged husband Offset.

The couple got married in September 2017 and welcomed a baby girl in July.  Here is a photo recap of their year as a married couple. Just think in 2017 Offset stated he and Cardi were going to be together, “4 L!”

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