Homewrecker Side Chick Apology to Cardi B

Homewrecker Side Chick Apology to Cardi B

Unlike the rest, we’re calling it like we see it. Yesterday Cardi B professionally announced that she and Offset had officially split.

Hours after Cardi B announced her split from Offset, one of the women who Offset allegedly propositioned for a threesome posted a tearful apology. Read on to watch the Homewrecker Side Chick, Summer Bunni and her tearful apology. Then read what she had to say after the backlash for looking stupid…

CelebNMusic247.com reports following the news that Cuban Doll was identified as one of the women Offset allegedly propositioned for a potential threesome between Cuban, him, and one of Cuban’s friends.

Aother woman by the name of Summer Bunni has taken to social media to apologizes to Cardi B for ruining her marriage.

In the video she explains that she NEVER thought the marriage was that serious? Huh? WTF? Cardi B and Offset were married with a baby, that’s pretty damn serious.

Apparently, THOT Summer Bunni didn’t care about Cardi B or how her alleged threeway would affect Offset’s marriage. All she cared about was getting smashed by a rapper.

So #SAD that some women’s dream in the world is to get some rapper D to brag about. #LifeGoals. #SMH

What is even sadder is that the 20-year-old woman is gunning for her 15 minutes of fame posting this tearful apology to the world.

Young women out there, don’t be this chick. She is whack. And to all you rappers, if one night of bliss is worth ruining your marriage, then don’t get married.

We are getting tired of the Fetty Waps, Future and Yung Joc’s of the world. Knocking up multiple women and having multiple babies is NOT cool. Wear a damn condom!

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