Young Buck DROPS 2nd 50 Cent Diss Track

Young Buck DROPS 2nd 50 Cent Diss Track

Young Buck has released a second 50 Cent diss track in a week, in which he implies that 50’s ex-girlfriend Vivica Fox inserted objects into his BOOTY!!!

Read on to hear the both track because Young Buck dropped a second diss track on 50 Cent called “The Story Of Foofy…” Read on… has the latest feud between G unit rappers 50 Cent and Young Buck who have continued to go at it over social media for months now.

50 Cent has been demanding that Youn Buck pay him the $300K owed to get out of his contract, but Young Buck continues to SLAM Fiddy for stealing $2 million dollars.

Buck is tire of Fiddy’s antics so he is letting him have it the hip hop way, releasing diss tracks and making money off them.

“The Story Of Foofy” uses JAY-Z’s “The Story of O.J.,” instrumental as he goes at the G-Unit boss, who has been flaming Buck with a slew of transphobic posts on social media.

Buck raps:

Tour bus full of choppas, you open up the doors / Looking at me like ‘Damn Buck, this sh*t is yours?/ I’m looking at you like ‘Damn Foofy this sh*t is war’/Can’t let these n*ggas shoot me like they done to you before / Let Vivica come answer all this trivia, bout all the different things she put into ya.

He also mentions former G-Unit affiliate, Kidd Kidd:

OK, let’s make them think they owe me when I’m really lonely / My story phony, man, come and think they really miss my homies / This is what you did to Kidd Kidd / This for my n*gga Crippy while he doing his bid.

At this point 50 Cent better respond with a diss track to DEAD this or we might see another Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj beef where Remy SLAYED.

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