Traci Steele Plays Devils Advocate with Erica and Shay

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Traci Steele Plays Devils Advocate with Erica and Shay

Traci Steele meets up with Erica to get to know her and talk about Babey Drew and Scrappy.

When Erica reveals to Traci that she is no longer with Scrappy and that they are just trying to be friends DJ Traci Steele says she can totally relate. She tells Erica that she has the same problems with Drew, and when Erica asks Traci about the new store she tells her about  their partner embezelling 50k from them and how they are trying to figure out how to recover the money.

Traci says that she feels like a single baby mama, which Erica can relate too as well. Traci also says now that Drew has to go back on the road things will be tough all over again because she really wanted the store situation to work out.

Then, Erica asks Traci about Shay after she talked about hoes in and out of Drew life. Traci plays the devils advocate and asks Erica about Shay and if they’ve ever talked things out. Erica sternly says their gonna talk, but we get the feeling that Traci is playing the fence with Erica and Shay.

On the flipside, what you didn’t see on tongiths episode was Traci and Drew telling their families about losing the $50,000 investment for their store.

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