Stevie J and Joseline Call It Quits


Stevie J and Joseline Call It Quits???

Earlier this week RUMORS surfaced that Stevie J was creeping on his girl Joseline Hernandez after getting out of rehab and now Stevie J and Joseline Call It Quits?

Could this be true?

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple is reported to be having major issues and word is that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez will been breaking up this season, according to sources.


Here is what is being RUMORED via Fameolous:

Apparently some are claiming the couple called it quits yet again during filming for the upcoming season.

We just got word this morning that Stevie J and Joseline have called it quits in the midst of filming Love And Hip Hop ATL. There are no details why the two broke up, but allegedly Stevie J has a new boo named Holly, another woman he found in a strip club.

We wonder if he used his barrel full monkey’s to ring another wanna be singer into the music industry.

Sounds like things NEVER change with Stevie J. And what is worse, adding insult to injury, Steebie’s new girl Holly is a former foe of Joseline’s from her stripper days.