Slednecks Recap: Sierra and Sam Fight Over Kelly


Slednecks Recap: Sierra and Sam Fight Over Kelly!!!

On this weeks Slednecks episode 8, 9 and 10 which is mashed together in a one hour episode, Tosca and Trevor relationship is back on track, Sierra and Sam Fight Over Kelly!

On this weeks Slednecks the Tosca and Trevor broken relationship turns for the better after she almost drowns and he comes to her rescue.

It’s all about fun in the summer sun and playing in ice cold glazier water which we have no idea how they tolerate such cold water.



The gang has fun celebrating Amber’s birthday, enjoying all that the Alaskan wilderness camping, tubing and river racing.

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Later the gang goes on an artic adventure and head up to visit Jackie’s hometown of Kotzebue.
Zeke gives Dylan a bad time for being a pretty boy so he tries to prove he’s just as Alaskan as Zeke. The gang ends up going to an Eskimo festival and Dylan enters a whale blubber eating contest. #Yuck

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As for Kelly and Sierra?

There are still just FWBs but Samantha has her eyes on the MMA fighter and ready to ride his bus.

The only problem is he’s still kickin it with Sierra and toying with her emotions. She thinks they’re getting back together and looks at little things like matching tie-die shirts as a perfect match. She really needs to let it go and realize that it’s over.

Kelly has moved on Sierra!

While Sierra is wrapped up in delusion, she discovers Kelly and Sam in a compromising situation which leads to a girl fight of the season.

Our answer, Sierra needs to let is go and move on.