Rapper Game Pens Letter To Teyana Taylor After Retirement Announcement

Rapper Game Pens Letter To Teyana Taylor After Retirement Announcement

Rapper Game Pens Letter To Teyana Taylor After Retirement Announcement, she responds!

Over the weekend, Teyana Taylor officially announced that she’s retiring from the music chapter of her life happily. Read on to for more on Game and his letter Teyana Taylor…


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CelebnMusic247.com reports that Teyana Taylor is a severely underrated musician who would be able to flourish as an independent artist.

From her sickening body to her iconic visual concepts, Teyana has always been in her own lane. Recently, she shared her year-end Spotify streams along with a message that hinted that she was done with music.

Many people begged her not to make that decision so swiftly and some felt that she was being a quitter. However, she went on Instagram and explained why she was choosing to step back.

Well, one Teyana’s peers and friends, The Game feels she is too talented to quit her music career.

Game took to Instagram with an open letter that reads:

TT, @TeyanaTaylor…this message is from the young game who met a very young, talented black girl with the biggest voice I’d ever heard in my life on a cold night in New York City I don’t remember how many years ago. The 1st time I heard you sing, I knew what you were & also knew it was only a matter of time before you were a SUPERSTAR. You signed to @pharrell & I remember how bad you wanted the world to hear your voice. You were writing day in & day out. In studio every single day trying to perfect your craft. But sometimes amazing things take time so you waited & continued to be you. Time passed & I had a tour coming up in Europe so I invited you to come & open up…. Even though my fan base there knew nothing about you, I watched from the side of the stage as you won the crowd over one city at a time for 2 months. When we came back to America, your confidence had grown even more & you had an added energy to apply to your music & everything you were.

He went on saying that he “remember how excited you were to start a new chapter,” and now she is giving that up?

Game continues:

You signed to @kanyewest & I remember how excited you were to start a new chapter. Time passed again…. but you were patient and you never stopped being amazing & kept your head up as you progressed in your talent. You met @imanshumpert, started a family & became the woman I always knew you’d be…. a mother, a wife & still one of the greatest talents I have ever known. I always told you, you were one amazing project away from your destiny & then it came….. “THE ALBUM”… your CLASSIC !!! Undeniably YOU. A body of work that was clearly the best R&B album of the year. You know it, I know it & so does your fanbase. Live in your glory & never be detoured by the minds of those weakened by this watered down era of appreciation. You know I know 1st hand about being the underdog as the odds have been stacked against me my entire career…. but, we didn’t get where we are by things going exactly the way we thought they would. We made it here cause WE believed in our craft when no one else did. I say all of this to say, YOUR GIFT IS SO APPRECIATED & as your big bro I want you to know, you are truly one of the best artist/people inside & outside of music I’ve ever known. NEVER TIP THE CROWN QUEEN… Love ??

TT responded by saying:

Thank you J for ya kind words, always being the dopest big brother & believing in me since day 1. U gave me a amazing opportunity to do what I loved & I didn’t even have to ask! I will never forget that & I am forever grateful for you ?.

Rapper Game Pens Letter To Teyana Taylor After Retirement Announcement