Rapper Blueface Live-Streams Break-in Facing 20 Years in Prison

Rapper Blueface Live-Streamed Break-in Facing 20 Years in Prison

Rapper Blueface Live-Streams Break-in Facing 20 Years in Prison!

Blueface just landed himself some serious larceny or assault charges since he put himself on video. There is no question that he is guilty of home invasion!

When it comes to another rapper being utterly STUPID, we just got word that rapper Blueface live-streamed himself breaking into a neighbor’s home and assaulting him. Continue on to see the disturbing video…

CelebnMusic247.com can now confirm that rapper Blueface came over and confronted the upset neighbor after his girlfriend called him to come over.

At first Blueface, 24, and his friend just talked with the neighbor. But eventually, they pushed their way into his home and attacked the man.

What makes it worse is that Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter, best known as Blueface, incriminated himself since his dumb girlfriend captured on video, and then live-streamed Blueface attacking the neighbor.

Showing his fans is wrong since he has teens that look up to him. What rappers don’t understand about being famous is that someone who is a fan will follow the example.

This is why today’s rappers need to learn respect and keep things like this off social media. They are making the world a shh hole demonstrating unruly behavior. This is another thing cops don’t need to see. If we are all saying Black Lives Matter, then rappers like Blueface NEEDS to demonstrate that he is part of the movement and NOT part of the problem.

This is why police shoot first and kill black youth.

The man suffered injuries during the beating and contacted the Los Angeles police. According to one social media report, police are planning to charge Blueface as soon as today.

CelebnMusic247.com has confirmed that Blueface is now in some serious trouble.

Under California Penal Code 459 PC, any person armed or unarmed who breaks and enters either an empty or occupied dwelling, home, or any building with the intent to commit any kind of crime or felony, such as larceny or assault is guilty of home invasion either first or second degree home invasion.