Dr. Dre Ordered By Judge To Pay Nicole Young $500K For Legal Fees

Dr. Dre Ordered By Judge To Pay Nicole Young $500K For Legal Fees

Dr. Dre Ordered By Judge To Pay Nicole Young $500K For Legal Fees!

It appears the divorce between hip hop producer Dr. Dre and his now ex-wife Nicole Young didn’t work in his favor as planned. No, Dre has lost many of their recent bouts in court, though he officially declared he is single.

The last we heard Dr. Dre was smashing pass around Apryl Jones who has been notably hopping from one R&B artist to the next now, allegedly with a hip hop icon. We guess you could say she’s moving on up. As for Dre, Nicole has claimed victory recently thanks to a judge’s decision. Read on since Dr. Dre has been ordered to pay Nicole Young legal fees…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that the ongoing divorce between Dr. Dre (real name Andre Romelle Young) and Nicole Young includes the rapper and entrepreneur being ordered to pay $500,000.

The amount is significantly less than the $5 million that Nicole Young originally requested from Dr. Dre for attorney fees. In fact, her $500K award for legal fees is a mere 10% of what Young originally requested from Dr. Dre.

This decision was made earlier this week (Tuesday, April 27th) by Judge Powell of the LA Superior Court. The funds are to go to Nicole Young‘s attorneys for her legal fees. Dr. Dre has until May 7th to cough up the cash.

This comes off the recent news that a judge had ruled in Nicole’s favor about his mistress all having to give depositions. That was something he tried to block but failed.

The next thing that will be going head to head is Nicole’s request for $2 million in monthly spousal support. Another hearing to give a ruling on her spousal support claim is set for July 8th.

This development is the latest in the ongoing, messy divorce battle between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young.

The pair wed back in 1996, and Young filed for divorce in June 2020. Since that time, allegations of emotional and physical abuse dating back to the ’90s have been brought against Dr. Dre, and arguments regarding how much he should have to pay Young in spousal support have come about.

At this point, Dr. Dre should just pay her and move on. It’s not like he can’t recoup his money. Obviously, he feels betrayed and stabbed in the back so he is being spiteful instead of just cashing her out and moving forward.

Rich people love to do that one thing, make sure the person coming for them realizes they OWN you and have so much money you are not a thought. Just saying.