Why City Girls JT Won’t Sleep With “Broke N—as”

Why City Girls JT Won't Sleep With "Broke N---as"

Why City Girls JT Won’t Sleep With “Broke N—as?”

JT from The City Girls uses her platform to influence young women that “broke n—as don’t deserve p–sy.”

These days, the hip-hop community artists continue to give back advice to their fans or the live stream themselves doing criminal acts like rapper Blueface. It is frustrating to see how lame the mindset of hip hop’s younger and influential rap artist are. They are being careless and NOT being smart about what they say in the media. Continue on…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that JT from The City Girls made the controversial statement during an interview on the Respectfully Justin podcast, on Revolt.

Jatavia Shakara Johnson, best know as JT, had this to say after being asked whether she would ever date a “broke” man to the ‘Respectfully Justin podcast’

The 28-year-old female rapper made it clear that she’s a GOLD DIGGER stating that she is ONLY interested in dating wealthy men.

She told Justin:

To me, broke n**gas just don’t deserve p**sy because I feel that broke n*ggas [are] always mad any mother f**king way.

They’re mad at life. They’re mad that their sh*t ain’t going like its supposed to go and they always got an attitude.

So I don’t want no broke n–ga who ain’t got no money and a mother f–king attitude f–king on me and putting those negative ass spirits on me.

Maybe JT should turn her statement into a hit song instead of complaining about a man who has no money.

Basically, if she can’t get her a Birkin for the P, he ain’t worth it? Damn the girl is damaged.

JT should realize she has her own money and doesn’t need a man no matter how much he got. That is why her statement is utterly ignorant, but it makes sense because the City Girls are only worth $3 million combined. As Jay Z would say “it’s cute money.”