Porsche SUED Before Paul Walker Fatal Car Accident

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(CelebNMusic247 News) Porsche SUED Before Paul Walker Fatal Car Accident

Apparently, Porsche has been SUED before for the Faulty Paul Walker’s Porsche Carrera GT for mechanical issues in 2005!

Oh No, it seems Porche may be the fault of Paul Walker’s fatal car accident which took place over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

According to reports and new discoveries, Porsche was sued for allegedly experience mechanical issues inside a Porsche Carrera GT and even professional drivers all have witnessed the car is too hard to handle. Around 180 rpms the car seems to lose steering capabilities, according to Jay Leno who lost control of his Porsche Carrera GT on the race track a couple years back.

CelebNMusic247 has learned via TMZ that the car company was sued over a deadly 2005 crash involving the same vehicle and it paid dearly in a massive settlement.

Now it sounds like Paul Walker’s family has a serious lawsuit on their hands and can sue the car company for gross negligence since they’ve been sued for a similar accident in 2005. And car professionals and collectors all say the Porsche Carrera GT is too hard to drive and allegedly tends to lose steering control.

Here’s the drop:

According to the lawsuit, two men (a driver and his passenger) were killed on a California race track while driving a 2005 Carrera GT … hitting a wall at over 100 MPH while trying to avoid another car on the track.

The family of the passenger sued practically everyone involved in the accident for gross negligence — and won $4.5 million in a giant settlement … $350,000 of which was paid by Porsche.

The lawsuit alleged the GT didn’t handle correctly on the track — and according to the attorney for the victim’s family, Craig McClellan … sworn testimony from several Porsche experts confirmed a major design flaw with the GT is it doesn’t have a Porsche Stability Management system.

We’re told the PSMS uses a computer to correct the car if the rear end loses control — and it is now required by law.

For Porsche’s part, the company denied liability — saying the car fully met federal safety standards at the time — but it still paid its portion of the settlement to avoid further litigation.

It’s unclear if Roger Rodas’ Carrera GT had been fitted with a PSMS — but McClellan says ZERO 2005 Carrera GTs (like Roger’s) came off the assembly line with the system.

PSMS or not, it’s worth noting the car has been a HUGE legal pain in the ass for Porsche. So far, Paul’s family hasn’t filed a lawsuit.