Phaedra Snubs Apollo On Christmas


Phaedra Snubs Apollo On Christmas!?!

Looks like The Real Housewives of Atlanta drama is carried over since Phaedra Parks Snubs Apollo On Christmas about seeing his kids.

Phaedra Parks apparently got second thoughts when it came to Happy Holidays and good cheer to all because she decided NOT to bring her boys to the joint to see their daddy.


Here is what is hearing via Bossip about the Christmas drama between Phaedra and Apollo:

Phaedra Parks said earlier this month that she’d “love to” bring her sons Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 18 months, to visit their father Apollo Nida for Christmas at his Kentucky prison. But has learned that when the big day rolled around, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star decided to spend a quiet holiday at home in Atlanta.

Nida is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence for identity theft in Lexington, Kentucky.

Meanwhile, his wife and kids spent the Christmas holiday “at Phaedra’s Atlanta home,” an insider told Radar. “It was very quiet, immediate family only.”

“The entire day was devoted to the boys, and they had a great time,” the insider continued. “Everything Phaedra does is for the boys, and she didn’t want any of the drama of the past year to impact their Christmas.”

Visiting Nida in prison for Christmas in Kentucky, “logistically just didn’t work out,” the source explained. “But Apollo did talk to the boys on the telephone on Christmas day.”

“Phaedra lets the boys talk with their father anytime and every time he calls,” Parks’ rep Steve Honig previously told Radar.

Phaedra also has the boys write him letters and draw him pictures, which she sends to him,” Honig continued. “She goes out of her way to enable the boys to communicate with their father, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”?