Lupe Fiasco SLAMS Freddie Gibbs Remark


Lupe Fiasco SLAMS Freddie Gibbs Remark!?!

After Lupe Fiasco raised eyebrows after promoting his new album, “Tetsuo & Youth,”rapper Freddie Gibbs weighed in so Lupe Fiasco SLAMS Freddie Gibbs Remark.

Lupe Fiasco recently raised eyebrows after promoting his new album, “Tetsuo & Youth,” with a photo of him donning a Klansman cloak in a Twitter post. It’s a white hoodie, NOT a cloak – people are taking this way to far, but Freddie Gibbs added his two cents on the photo and caused a bit of a feud with Lupe.


This is the photo in question:



Fans were outraged by the photo and instantly started chattering about the meaning behind the post, while rapper Freddie Gibbs bluntly shared his feelings on the situation.


Here is what we heard via Vlad:

The Indiana rapper fired off a tweet, “Dear @lupefiasco, I always personally thought u were a b*tch a** n*gga. This solidifies it. N*ggaz…”

Freddie’s post caught the attention of Lupe, who was quick to defend himself against the rapper’s backlash. The Chicagoan told Freddie, “If you took the time to watch the video and listen to the songs you would have seen what the scene from it meant @FreddieGibbs.”

Check the Twitter Feud:

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Check Lupe’s new video “Deliver”: