Paul Giamanti Joins N.W.A. Biopic


Paul Giamanti Joins N.W.A. Biopic

Jerry Heller and the other member’s of N.W.A. were NOT fans of each other because he was a snake, so who has Ice Cube cast as Jerry, Paul Giamanti Joins NW.A. Biopic!

Who Will Play Jerry Heller in NWA Biopic???

Giamanti who is known to take on character roles and loose himself  will be taking on the role of the manager of the legendary group in Straight Outta Compton, learns via AHH.

Here’s the breakdown:

Paul Giamatti was selected to play as Jerry Heller in the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Paul Giamtti’s most recent role in his illustrious 15+ year career was as Aleksei Sytsevich, the Rhino in 2014’s The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Heller founded Ruthless Records and managed N.W.A. throughout their short-lived career from 1986-1991. Ice Cube left N.W.A. in 1989 after making claims that Heller was shortchanging the group on their royalty payments. On his 1991 debut album Death Certificate, Cube made his accusations explicit with lyrics from the song “No Vaseline” such as “It’s a case of divide and conquer, ’cause you let a Jew break up my crew.”

Straight Outta Compton is currently filming and is set to be released on August 14th, 2015.