Omarosa Fires Shots at Geraldo Rivera


Omarosa Fires Shots at Geraldo Rivera!?!

Oh No, Omarosa Fires Shots at Geraldo Rivera! The former Celebrity Apprentice star has found away to get her name mentioned in the media again.

Gee, thanks Geraldo!

If you were watching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, then you might have noticed that Geraldo Rivera recently compared himself to the biggest Celebrity Apprentice villain of all time.


Yeah, that comment instantly grabbed the attention of the ultimate Celebrity Apprentice villain Omarosa Manigault was not the least bit amused by the journalist/author with the over-sized mustache.

You might say, Oh no he didn’t!

But, Oh yes, he did. Most folks are not daring enough to even mention Omarosa Manigault’s name, but Geraldo Rivera is not one of them. Here is what SheKnows is reporting on O.

After this week’s episode, Rivera tweeted to his fans:

“How did I go from hero in Episode 1 of #CelebrityApprentice to villain in Episode 2? Geraldo as New Age Omarosa? ”

Big mistake Geraldo, big mistake. Omarosa doesn’t let anything slip by….ever! The reality villain then went on the attack, and told Radar Online recently that there is “only one Omarosa,” adding:

“Geraldo needs to understand that no one compares to me. Donald Trump and I go back a decade. I hardly think he wants ANOTHER Omarosa.” Yeah, I’m thinking Trump probably doesn’t, either.

No one is certain if the controversial talk show host was trying to stir up some drama or not, but Omarosa is the last person you want to mess with. Manigault continued to bash Rivera, telling the site: “Geraldo should stick to the news and leave reality TV to me!”