Moniece Slaughter: Dr. Dre Threatened Her Over Dating Apryl Jones

Moniece Slaughter: Dr. Dre Threatened Her Over Dating Apryl Jones

Moniece Slaughter FIRES BACK: Dr. Dre Threatened Me Over Dating Apryl Jones!

Who would have thought that Dr. Dre would get caught up in some Love & Hip Hop drama? Continue on since Moniece Slaughter states Dr. Dre threatened her…


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A post shared by KENDRA G. (@kendragmedia) is hearing the craziest story and no we can’t make this stuff up.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter took it upon herself to confirm that mega music producer and former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Apryl Jones are coupled.

Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones have NOT confirmed they’re dating, but no need Monice Slaughter is confirming the tea.

Though Moniece Slaughter had nothing bad to say about Jones, she still felt shocked that Dre liked her.

Slaughter spilled this tea after the pair were spotted out in Hollywood together going to dinner.

Moniece stated they had been dating for “a while”.

It’s been awhile that they’ve been together.

Since the tea spill, Moniece says Dr. Dre has allegedly threatened her for confirming their relationship.

She states in between tears:

How dare you send a n***a to bang my motherf**king line and threaten me?

The former VH1 star adds:

I don’t know you and you don’t know me and I didn’t say anything negative about you, sir. Don’t you send another motherf**cker to this phone of mine to make one more f**king threat!

Moniece also called the producer out by name FIRING BACK with her own THREATS toward Dre.

She states:

Yeah, Dr. Dre. I recorded it. Wrong f**king b*tch, wrong move, suck my d**k you’re done. I f**king recorded both conversations.

She references Dr. Dre recently being hospitalized after suffering an aneurysm saying:

You thought the aneurysm f**cked you up, I’m the aneurysm.

As for Dre being a woman beater, this comes as no surprise since many women say he is a “notorious woman beater” and he has a long history of women he abused.