Momma Dee’s Back With Ernest But Scrappy’s NOT Cool

Momma Dee's Back With Ernest But Scrappy's NOT Cool-0518-3

Momma Dee’s Back With Ernest But Scrappy’s NOT Cool!!!

Momma Dee’s Back With Ernest But Scrappy’s NOT Cool when she tells him about the proposal. Scrappy tells Momma Dee Jasmine Hates him and he’s an opportunist!

Could Ernest be using Momma Dee?

Tonight on LHHATL Momma Dee rekindles her love with her man, Ernest. He takes her out to dinner with a promise to be faithful and to grow old with her, but she can’t get over how low-budget the dinner is.

She continues to trash talk his efforts and when he decides to give her a ring in a glass, Momma Dee goes off on how cheap he is. He tells her that he doesn’t have much but his word and that she needs to have faith in him.

Momma Dee apologizes for being so ratchet and takes his word.

Watch when Ernest’s proposal is not up to Momma Dee’s standards, will she accept?

Scrappy may hate Ernest, but he doesn’t care what Momma Dee does. Even though she wants Scrappy to understand, Dee says she wants to have the family dinner at his home, but he feels that all heck is gonna breaks loose.



Let us not forget Ernest mother hates Momma Dee for putting her son in jail and Jasmine is NOT fond of him because she thinks he has a hidden motive.

Later Scrappy, Bambi meet with his sister Jasmine to talk about the upcoming meet and greet with Ernest, who she believes is an opportunist.

Jasmine speaks knowledge about Ernest, questioning why would a man who is NOT an opportunist get back with the woman who set him up and put him behind bars?

She says that Ernest is a straight up opportunist since Momma Dee has some money these days.

Watch the pow wow between Jasmine, her boyfriend Rico and her brother Scrappy and Bambi, since Jasmine, Does Not Trust Ernest:

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