Dime Goes Off & Tiffany Foxx Gives Mimi Dueces

Dime Goes Off & Tiffany Foxx Gives Mimi Dueces-0518-1

Dime Goes Off & Tiffany Foxx Gives Mimi Dueces!!!

MF Management is falling apart without Stevie J, Mimi may have hustle, but when it comes to managing artists she bites Dime Goes Off & Tiffany Foxx Gives Mimi Dueces!

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust pleads her case to Tiffany Foxx, asking for her to give her another chance after the fiasco with Stevie J.

Mimi explains that Stevie is now in rehab getting the help that he needs, so Tiffany agrees to give Mimi one more chance, but if she screws up, she’s giving her the two finger exit.

Later, Dime has a meet and greet with Mimi

While things seem to be straight with Tiffany, Mimi decides to invite her to her other new artists, Jessica Dime’s studio session with Jazzy Faye.


The session with Jazzy starts off perfect and he is loving the Memphis grown, Jessica Dime. They pop a bottle and have a drink on what they plan to do together, but when Tiffany Foxx shows up things go seriously left.

Dime instantly goes in for the attack asking “who is this bitch in my studio session.” Yes, it’s complete ratchet, and if you wonder why some of these women NEVER make it in music. LHHATL is giving you an inside look at the ratchet ones.  Mimi tries to break them up, but when Tiffany Foxx learns that Jessica had no clue she was coming to the studio session she goes off on her.

Tiffany tells Mimi that she has no clue what she is doing as a manager. She throws up the two finger exit and tells Mimi Deuces!

Tiffany calls Mimi a Rookie, Jazzy Calls Dime disrespectful and Mimi is left with mud on her face!

Jazzy calls MF Management, Mutha F-cking Management.

Ouch, Mimi that’s NOT a good look.

Watch the mele unfold between Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx:

After, Tiffany Foxx steps out, Jessica is still acting like a ratchet hoe PISSING Jazzy Faye off. He breaks it down to Dime that this is his home, his studio and she NEEDS to respect his home and if she can’t do that then STEP!

Jessica keeps talking over him like a bird, so Jazzy ends the session telling her that he WILL NOT work with her and that he is DONE! It’s about respect, he was cool until she showed her ratchetness, so Jazzy tells her to get up and get out!

Mimi is stressed because Jessica just ruined her relationship with Jazz. See in the music industry it is all about networking and if you can’t clean up your mouth. If you can’t be quite and listen to people who have been successful in the biz, then the music or entertainment industry is NOT for you. The industry will chew you up and spit you out. Be humble, be appreciative, be respectful or get out.

We agree with Jazzy Faye 100!

Does Mimi look like a fool for NOT knowing what she is doing?

What do you think?