Michael Pena Talks Cop Action & Grueling Training For ‘End of Watch’

(CelebNmusic247) Michael Pena Talks Cop Action & Grueling Training For ‘End of Watch’:

End of Watch is one of the most intense movies since Denzel Washington in Training Day. The talented Michael Pena tells CNM247 exclusively about his experiences on filming the movie.

Michael Pena is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. He already has three consecutive Oscar nominated films under his belt, two of which are critically acclaimed films, Million Dollar Baby and Crash in 2004 and the controversial film Babel in 2006.

It doesn’t stop there for Michael Pena; he’s been steadily working since his first independent film Star Maps.

When it comes to great acting, great movies and great roles, Michael Pena is one actor who lives up to the title of true talent. He is most deserving of a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame and in his current role as Mike Zavala in End of Watch, he should be nominated for a Best Supporting Role at this year’s Oscars.

Pena is amazing in the film. The movie is extremely gritty, riveting and shockingly real. Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal’s onscreen chemistry is flawless; However, Pena’s performance is impeccable and so seamless that you feel he is actually a Los Angeles street cop. It is by far one of his best performances yet.

Michael has a true knack to take on any type of role and make you fall in love with him. Pena has such a natural Latin Charisma, which gives him the edge to play any role like, Tower Heist Battlefield: LA, Shooter, Crash, World Trade Center and more. Michael knows how to captivate his audience and make you remember him in all of his performances.

In his new film End of Watch, Pena does it once again!

CelebNMusic247 spoke with Michael this week to discuss his new film End of Watch, which hits theaters on Friday September 21st. We had the pleasure to speak with him about the grueling 5 month training that he, Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera had to do before filming. Pena told CNM247 about his experience from tactical training, to sparing and to ride along with LAPD.  He explains  how the cops has cold silence before a situation goes down. Michael talks about how they rehearsed the script intensely, speed reading so the dialogue would be natural and real. He explains how working on the film was infectious. He also explains that being a street cops is like a brotherhood between partners.

After speaking with Michael Pena, we noticed that he embodied that characteristic so dead on in End of Watch it was almost scary. Pena also told us exclusively that he actually felt like he was Mike Zavala, and let us be the first to tell you that he really does come off like he was actually a cop.

It’s one of the best films of 2012 by far. If you love Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino, you might want to add Michael Pena to your list. His star shines bright with CelebNMusic247 as one of our Celebrity Superstars.

Listen to Michael Pena and CelebNMusic247 chop it up in the actors spotlight interview.

Watch the trailer below:

You can look forward to more of Michael Pena in the upcoming and highly anticipated Gangster Squad and the Cesar Chavez biopic, Chavez. He can also be heard as the voice in Turbo, Hell & Back and is rumored to star in Frank and Cindy in 2013.

End of Watch is written and directed by David Ayer. Running Time: 109 min. Rated R – End of Watch opens at theaters on Friday September 21st, 2012.

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