Mendeecees To Get Reduced Sentence Via Feds


Mendeecees To Get Reduced Sentence Via Feds?!?

Yandy Smith-Harris finally married her man Mendeecees, but now our eyebrows are raised since Mendeecees To Get Reduced Sentence Via Feds.

Rumor said that Mendeecees took a deal and pled guilty to felony drug trafficking and conspiracy, admitting that he, his brother, Tyrus Harris and another man ferried large amounts of cocaine and heroin to upstate New York. has this report on The LHHNY TV star who apparently is going to get off easy while his brother, Tyrus, landed five years for a minor involvement, while another man have to serve time behind bars. In 2013 it was RUMORED that Harris was snitching and now the Feds are telling the judge to go easy on Mendeecees? 


Despite the deal, Harris still faced up to 40 years in prison and a $5 million fine.

But prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office recommended that Harris’ sentence be downgraded, so that he serves between 108 months and 121 months in the Big House. The feds wrote that Harris deserved a break because he admitted his role in the major drug ring and cooperated with authorities on the terms of his plea deal.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office also requested that Harris forfeit his earnings from the hit reality show – nearly $171,000 – as well as pay an additional $100 fine when he’s sentenced Oct. 2.

“Upon the ground that the defendant has assisted authorities in the investigation or prosecution of the defendant’s own misconduct by timely notifying authorities of the defendant’s intention to enter a plea of guilty, thereby permitting the government to avoid preparing for trial and permitting the government and the court to allocate their resources efficiently, the government hereby moves the court to apply the additional one level downward adjustment for acceptance of responsibility…” Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Sherman wrote to the court Sept. 11.

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