Master P Turns BLIND EYE to Astroworld Tragedy Offers Nothing

Master P Turns BLIND EYE to Tragedy Offers Nothing

Master P Turns BLIND EYE to Astroworld Tragedy Offers Nothing!

When it comes to veteran rapper Percy Miller aka Master P has turned a blind eye to the tragedy that took place at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Music Festival.

Despite the fact that his set was finished earlier in the day, Master P is acknowledging what happened, but instead of offering his net earning or donating any money to the family, he is only offering his condolences. Continue on for more about Master P on Astroworld Tragedy… is not surprised by Master P’s actions since he is all about a bag despite fans in the crowd losing their lives at an event where he performed.

No offense to Master P, but it would have been best that he kept quiet and didn’t offer his two cents.

Of course, Master P couldn’t help but give his perspective on the aftermath of what unfolded Friday night. P says the environment at Astroworld Fest was kosher while he was performing.

Then he goes on to say that no one saw this tragedy coming.

MP insists he never felt things got out of hand or weren’t safe. Yes, he notes the young folks who went did, indeed, get hyped — as it’s customary at a festival of this nature — but, nothing ever raised a red flag to him personally.

His main point here seems to be that people knew what they were getting into by coming to Astroworld Fest — even going on to say an injury or two can realistically be expected.

As we said, Percy should have just kept his two cents to himself.

This is what we are talking about when rappers turn a blind eye to tragedy by justifying a horrible situation. Unlike Roddy Ricch offering his net earnings from festival performance or Travis Scott paying funeral costs, Master P offers nothing but some BS and crappy condolences to the family when he is in a position to do a lot more.